Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art and Soul Sunday, Feb 27th

I have been here in Henderson, Nevada 3 days now and having a great time. I decided I will do the posting to my blog in increments because there is just so much and I know I will never really capture what is happening but it's FUN!

There was a vendor show Sunday night, one of the reasons why we came sunday instead of Monday. Unfortunately there were only 10 vendors but it was still fun and some amazing art. I got to see some of the artists I will be taking classes from so that was nice.

Trish of Vintage Bliss was here and she is so sweet and I admire her attitude of always being pleasant and always trying to bring "the bling" and great vintage finds to all the shows she does.

I took a few pics and you should check out her blog to see her "before" and "after" pics of her booth. We stopped by at 6pm when the show opened and my friend June and I went to dinner and came back in before 9pm when the show closed and she was in the mist of a hoard of shoppers. On her blog she says her table looks like a turkety on thanksgiving that was all picked over.....and she was right. Just shows if you bring what people want ....it will sell. ha ha

I bought just a couple pieces vintate metal for use in art but was so happy to see "all things vintage" and "all things artistic".

Fun Show.....tomorrow (if I get to it),A litle about Monday which was no class just running around and then about my Tuesday class with Julie Haymaker, Whimsical Musical Dog.

I apolizgize for the pictures, I forgot to bring my camera from the room and used my Iphone so not as good as they should have been but at least I caught some pics.

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Just call me Silly Sal said...

Can't wait to see everything tomorrow at your home. It is still on tomorrow, right? Second Tuesday of the month? Text message me if it isn't ok? I think Kathie, Margo and Suzi and I are coming.