Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Twenty ten or will you say Two Thousand Ten? 2010

I know I will say "yay" a new year to start anew and have lots of fun creating with friends and hopefully push myself to do all those things I want to do and have put off.

It really has been a lovely holiday time for me with family and friends. I hope your holidays have been good and that you will enjoy ringing in the new year.

I am posting some pics from our Christmas here and from my family to yours.......Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sorry, sorry

Wow now I have BLOG Guilt. I haven't posted in awhile and probably won't until near or after Christmas but then I know I don't have thousands of followers so probably shouldn't feel ANY Guilt. ha ha

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanaukah
Happy, Happy, Merry, Merry

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lost Money, Lost Memories

Today I was running some errands and accidently left my little zipper coin purse at a shopping stop. I totally overlooked it until I went to make a purchase at my next stop. DARN IT!!

I went back and asked but BUMMER, no one turned it in. Luckily I had taken out everything like credit cards and gift cards that morning. I did have about $70 in cash and some of my MOO cards in there.

SO if, by chance, the person who took it happens to read this .....I hope you buy something nice with the money but I would appreciate getting the wallet back. A friend of mine purchased it for me in Italy and she has since passed away. It does hold memories for me.

It is maddening but oh well I guess I am lucky I didn't loose credit cards and drivers license, etc. Have to think of the good things :}

Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scrapbook Royalty Garage Sale

This weekend Scrapbook Royalty has organized a city, state wide scrapbook garage sale. I signed up but am too busy (aren't we all?) to stand around waiting for buyers so I put some of my stuff up on a blog. Check it out, maybe there is something you can't live without :}

Happy Holidays, 24 more days til Christmas..........

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Holidays, Time to Decorate

I am decorating a Christmas tree with some of my Barbie Ornaments. Like everything I purchase, I bought more than one so I am going to give away three in this post.

Sorry the pics aren't that great but they are BARBIE and NEW to you.

The first 3 people that post will receive these. Tell me which one you want by color and I will try to send that one to you.

Happy Holidays, more to come :}

Saturday, November 28, 2009

KC Willis Marketing Mindset

Now here's a lady that knows how to market so she is offering online marketing course.

I am doing a post here because

1. She is amazingly talented and you never kinow someone reading this might want to learn from someone who knows what she is talking about.

2. There is a drawing for one of her amazing pieces of art and I want in :}

Rain today in Sunny San Diego. Yesterday 80 degrees today 50 degrees and winter here???

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I've been working on my "studio" as alot of you know. Bonnie has been helping me and it seemed a unfathomable task but with her help and advice it became fun and even inspirational to me.

I am now to the "fun" part of decorating and hanging stuff on the walls so it's kinda like I paid my dues and now I get to enjoy some of the fun.

One thing we did was paint the furniture in the room. It is amazing the transformation a little bit of paint can create.

I decided to reuse the old oak desks we had downstairs but they really looked like ... let's say...... OAK. ha ha I want my look to be shabby shee she. A little what a difference it makes.

I also was lucky enough to find this cute little table with fold down sides. Dark wood but LOTS of potential. Sooooo, a little white paint.....great Transformation I think. I am going to try and add wheels so I can store it in a corner in the studio and then "roll" it out to create.

Now the questions is.......If I throw a layer of paint on me will I be transformed??
One can only hope but I guess that's for my New Year's Resolution. For now, I'll just be happy with furniture transformations..........I'm itching to paint something else :}

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthdays, Scavenger Hunt, Thrift Store Shopping!!

Today is my birthday. I no longer celebrate my youth but my luck of being happy and healthy and having FAMILY and FRIENDS that I can celebrate with.

We all met up at the Beach Grass Cafe in a Poway shopping center. The center contains 7 thrift stores. I gave each of my friends a list with clues to help them go thru the stores and find little envelopes I left in "mostly" open view. :}

We all enjoyed a little hunt and a little shopping and then returned to the cafe to lunch and a few prizes for the most ""agressive scavenger ha ha Winners were Miss Vicky, Elena, Kat, Sally, June (it is June's birthday today too) yay!

What can I say but a BIG THANK YOU to those that came and helped me celebrate. If you couldn't make it, I know "stuff" happens but you were missed.