Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Art Day Project Announced!

May 20th will be our SECOND Art Day Meetup. The first meetup was so much fun and we all had fun being creative.

For our Second Meetup we will have a guest instructor, Jolee Jane of Art Takes A Village. Not only is Jane sweet and patient but she knows how to bling up a project so it makes us ooh and ah, which I did when I saw what we are making.

Check out what she designed for our Meetup.

Don't you agreed it's just beautiful? Come and play with us. Check out my website for details.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Art Meetup...Lots of Creativity!

We had our first Art Meetup on Tuesday, April 15th. We were 7 creative ladies that arrived ready to put their amazing talents to work and boy did we. (Sorry Bev, you left before we took our group photo :}

At the first meetup, we took cabinet cards with photos from the 1900's and changed them completely into works of art.

What I wanted to strive for is a meetup at my home so I wouldn't have to cart all my "treasures" and "empherma". Everyone, I believe, had fun digging thru my cubby holes and boxes to find bits and pieces to make their cabinet card art unique and beautiful.

The pics don't do the artwork justice but you can see we had fun! Enjoy :}