Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soldering with Terri Brush

I had a wonderful day today at Mermaid Mermaid Mercantile in Solano Beach. I had signed up to do a Terri Brush soldering class and choose the Sunday class to make either a soldered box or a glass house-shaped shrine.

When I showed up to class today I found out we were going to do BOTH!!! Wow, how cool is that?

Most of the day was spent in designing, collaging and assembling before soldering. In between, shopping, lunch, chatting, laughing and more fun.

I sat across from Kathy from Chicago, Shawn from Northern California and Julie Haymaker Thompson from New Mexico. Last year, Julie had taught us some great techniques in the Sandcastle Siren's Art Retreat. So I was so lucky to meetup with her again and watch her amazing creative process (Yes, Julie it is an amazing creative process.i.e. Cherry Fairy :)

Here's pictures of the class and Terri's Fab Creations:

I went around and took pics of some of the glass boxes as they were being created....take a peak.

Here's my glass box has a picture of my Mother at the age of 6. I am oh so lucky that she was the first born and my Grandparents had some professional pics taken.

Here is my glass house shrine front and back. I put this picture of my sister and myself in front of my grandparents house. Both dresses made by our Grandmother.

It is fun to be creative with a great group of ladies. Here's to more of that!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

KC Willis Collage Camp BASIC TRAINING

KC Willis, a well-known fabric collage artist who holds retreats at her home in Colorado. She is on the road this summer and luckily we are one of her stops!

KC will be teaching at the Urban Barn. ln this fast-paced one-day class you will learn the basics of fabric collage techniques including aging, photo transfers, laying out for texture, fabric and paper collages for embellishing and adding the bling.

KC is big on empowering and will inspire you with lots of great stories, techniques and information. You will not only leave with a finished project, but also armed to the teeth with motivation.

Join KC in the comfort of the air-conditioned and spacious Urban Barn. A very cool space. Lunch is included. Limited to 12.

This is an example of the type of fabric collage you will be constructing.

$140 class fee
$30 kit fee due at class

To sign-up, visit KC's website.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Chateau de Fleurs Vendor Show in Fallbrook

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Southern California today. I met up with Bonnie and Bonnie and we had a fun day of shopping and being surprised by so much artistic creativity it made me so happy.

Check out some pics......I know you'll be happy too :}

Here's some blogs to check out for more great pictures.

Chateau de Fleur
Vintage Bliss
Vintage Bling

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bingo and Belt Buckles

I was working on organizing my studio today but like alot of times I get side tracked....oops :}

I came across a bingo game I bought at an estate sale last month. The box was torn but I did love the graphics. It came with bingo cards dated 1941 and some numbered wooden bingo markers so I know I could use those.

Still I did love the box as it is so vintage so I decided to frame it. I took a old gold frame, painted it white and added a black glaze looked good I think.

I cut and glued the box to fit the frame and's hanging in my it.

THEN....I continued "organizing" and I found some bling and thought hey I should start working on that belt buckle for my granddaughter's 16th birthay in a week. I found a belt buckle at the thrift store with some rhinestones and thought it would be a great base for "bling".



I think it turned out good....have to find a belt to go on the buckle and I'll be done.....hey maybe I can find it "when I organizing" ha ha

Hope you had a creative day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teach Me! Teach Me!

Vintage Bling Babies

Oh I can tell this summer is going to be the summer of love and creativity. I wanted to let you know about a class that Lisa Loria will be teaching at the Urban Barn.

From the first time I looked at Lisa's art I loved "the look" and creativity. Her jewelry and art pieces are just sooooo cool :}

Below is the information Lisa has posted in her class flier.....check it out!

Here is your first chance for me to teach you how to make you very own
Bling Baby

Saturday, June 26th 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Class cost is $75. I will provide the following:
- Arm post, (which we will be covering in batting and fabric)
- batting and vintage fabric to choose from
- Tacky Glue, adhesive
- Beaded Halo
- Pearls and baubles to build and decorate bodice
- Chandelier Bobeche
- Written Instructions
- a yummy snack
- a thank you gift
- If you do not have a doll available to you or a lamp base, I can provide
them for $15 each...please let me know in advance though so I can plan

- Email or call to sign up!

Supply list of what you need to bring
• Doll (if you only have a head, I will have
bodies, just let me know ahead of time
• lamp base or a wire cloche or small
birdcage (11 -12 inches tall)
• any broken jewelry/trim of your own you
might like to incorporate
• Glue gun and glue sticks
• hack saw (If you have one great, if not, I
will have a couple and we can share.
• wire cutters
NOTE: Just be aware that the scale of the
doll matches the scale of the lamp/
birdcage. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact me!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

KC Willis is Coming to San Diego!!!

Have you heard of KC Willis and her fabric collages?

I found her a couple years ago on-line and fell in love with her coffee-stained, doo dad trimmed vintage fabric collages. I'm on her mailing list and earlier this month I got an email saying she would be in the LA area.

What the heck, I shot off and email to her asking if she would like to come to San Diego and she replied "SURE".

We got the place:

Urban Barn Craft Cafe in Escondido

We got the date:

Wedneday, July 21st

Class: Collage Camp Basic Training
Learn all her techniques on fabric collaging and take away your own little piece of art.

Last minute details are being worked out and it will be open to registration soon on her website. The Lipstick Ranch

If you would like me to let you know when registration is open, leave a comment here and I will let you know the MINUTE it is open :}