Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soldering with Terri Brush

I had a wonderful day today at Mermaid Mermaid Mercantile in Solano Beach. I had signed up to do a Terri Brush soldering class and choose the Sunday class to make either a soldered box or a glass house-shaped shrine.

When I showed up to class today I found out we were going to do BOTH!!! Wow, how cool is that?

Most of the day was spent in designing, collaging and assembling before soldering. In between, shopping, lunch, chatting, laughing and more fun.

I sat across from Kathy from Chicago, Shawn from Northern California and Julie Haymaker Thompson from New Mexico. Last year, Julie had taught us some great techniques in the Sandcastle Siren's Art Retreat. So I was so lucky to meetup with her again and watch her amazing creative process (Yes, Julie it is an amazing creative process.i.e. Cherry Fairy :)

Here's pictures of the class and Terri's Fab Creations:

I went around and took pics of some of the glass boxes as they were being created....take a peak.

Here's my glass box has a picture of my Mother at the age of 6. I am oh so lucky that she was the first born and my Grandparents had some professional pics taken.

Here is my glass house shrine front and back. I put this picture of my sister and myself in front of my grandparents house. Both dresses made by our Grandmother.

It is fun to be creative with a great group of ladies. Here's to more of that!!


The Vintage Rabbit said...

What a lucky duck!!! I was real close to taking the class!!! Glad you had an amazing time!!

sandra lee said...

Love your creation! Especially the old photos...

Rita said...

Jackie, you are getting better and better, I really love your box and especially with your grandma's pic. It was nice to see you at the Urban Barn. Ciao for now

Sandy Michelle said...

I would have taken that class in a heart beat! I love the glass box you made with your Mom's picture!!

Sandy xox

Tricia Samsal said...

Jackie, you gals must have been laughing all day, you,DOttie, Julie and Terri together. I would have loved to just be there and chat with you gals! I made one of Terri's houses last year and I love it. She is a sweetie!
So fun seeing you the last couple of weekends! Thanks again for my tray.
Hugs, Tricia