Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bingo and Belt Buckles

I was working on organizing my studio today but like alot of times I get side tracked....oops :}

I came across a bingo game I bought at an estate sale last month. The box was torn but I did love the graphics. It came with bingo cards dated 1941 and some numbered wooden bingo markers so I know I could use those.

Still I did love the box as it is so vintage so I decided to frame it. I took a old gold frame, painted it white and added a black glaze looked good I think.

I cut and glued the box to fit the frame and's hanging in my it.

THEN....I continued "organizing" and I found some bling and thought hey I should start working on that belt buckle for my granddaughter's 16th birthay in a week. I found a belt buckle at the thrift store with some rhinestones and thought it would be a great base for "bling".



I think it turned out good....have to find a belt to go on the buckle and I'll be done.....hey maybe I can find it "when I organizing" ha ha

Hope you had a creative day.


Michelle Palmer said...

Some of the most creative projects come when we are distracted!
They are wonderful!
Hope your day is perfect~

Jolee Jane said...

Love it! wow so many treasures:::