Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creativity Nourishes the Soul

A little vignette outiside my front door ....I like it and at least I was able to store these things here until I figure out where I finally want them.

I hate to sound all new agey but creating does nourish me or fill me with inspiration. I get one idea from someone and have to try it. It seems that I bounce from one mixed media project to another but so what?

It's ME and I guess I get a kick out of trying a project out and seeing it come to fruition.

Here's a couple items I've made recently.

I made this for Jane's birthday. I found this cool candle holder at Costco all nice and new and what do I do? I go and sand and paint and distress and hammer it. tee hee

I hung religious metals to the side with nails and screws. Boy that wood was hard.

I had a china plate that my husband hates me using when serving dinner so I decided to practice china painting! Got the idea from Rita's blog where she explained how to "stencil" wooden signs. Grazi Rita! Great idea.

Hope you are doing something to "Nourish" yourself today.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't we all love a Surprise?

Today in the mail I got a box from a friend, Rita. I had given her some bottles last weekend because I am trying to downsize but hate to throw anything away :}

Rita solders beautiful bottles and jewelry and even teaches soldering classes. So what a great way to recycle. It is fun to "Pass it on" and see what becomes of little glass bottles and what they can turn into.

Rita sent me one of her beautiful bottles and personalized it for me as a thank you. I really appreciate it and who doesn't love SuRprises :}

If you get a chance, check out her blog as she has a giveaway going for her blog one year anniversary. There is always alot of great info and eye candy on her blog. I like to visit it almost daily.

Grazie Rita

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Delightful DIVA

I was at Georgia's home last week with some very creative ladies. (okay maybe two weeks ago now, time flies :) I didn't want to "drag" too much stuff with me so I decided to work on my version of a paper wreath that I have seen at a local scrapbook store "Paper Tales" and in the new Green Magazine by Stampington.

I was at CHA last week (two weeks?? eeek) and there was alot of paper sculpture used to make dresses, shoes, banners, wreaths.

Also, I was at Anthropologies and saw this amazing paper sculpture of a big bird.

Here's my attempt at paper sculpture. I have a picture of the beginning and then the finished DIVA wreath.

Have a DIVA Day!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Button Flowers at Art Meetup

What fun......a bunch of friends and a bunch of flowers. To me there is something soothing about running your fingers thru "tons" of buttons and looking at all the types and colors.

We all got together today to make "button flowers". As usual I was inspired when I saw what each person created.

Maryam brought some yummy dove chocolates and a cute little valentine's dish and vintage post cards....I feel so loved :} Maryam is a Dove Chocolatier and she is working with Dove to raise money for her charity The Cancer Coping Center. She has chocolate to sell and/or she'll come to your home or organization and hold a chocolate tasting party her if you're interested at

Matina brought cookies and her friend, Eileen from Chicago. Eileen is going home tomorrow (if the airport opens. ha) It was great to meet her and glad she was able to experience our ART MEETUP. She made some cute button flowers and thinks maybe this is something she could do with her grandkids....yeah that's a great idea.

I made some valentine cones for my friends a little candy and a little note to thank you for being a special friend.

Check out some of our great button creations.

P.S. I don't know why I didn't get a picture of Jane, it was so fun to see her beautiful face. Also, Jane is looking for some old weathered wood to use as a canvas for a creation. It should be large like over 24 inch x 24 inch. If you have something to donate to her (check your garage, your neighbors trash), let her know. Don't you want to see what she will make with it??? :}

Also, Matina wanted to let you know that the women of the Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church located at 3459 Manchester Avenue, Cardiff by the Sea on Saturday, Feb. 13th, will be selling some great greek dishes for just a $5 entry fee. Want more info, email me.

Now go get your BUTTONS and create :}

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tic Tock It's Art Time!

I decided I needed a BIG clock in my studio but decided on a "do it myself" type project. I went to Home Goods (don't you just love that store?) bought this huge wall clock in the clearance section for $12.

Brought it home and collaged and added some of my "bits and pieces" to indicate minutes.

It works and I love it......I guess it is ART TIME!