Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creativity Nourishes the Soul

A little vignette outiside my front door ....I like it and at least I was able to store these things here until I figure out where I finally want them.

I hate to sound all new agey but creating does nourish me or fill me with inspiration. I get one idea from someone and have to try it. It seems that I bounce from one mixed media project to another but so what?

It's ME and I guess I get a kick out of trying a project out and seeing it come to fruition.

Here's a couple items I've made recently.

I made this for Jane's birthday. I found this cool candle holder at Costco all nice and new and what do I do? I go and sand and paint and distress and hammer it. tee hee

I hung religious metals to the side with nails and screws. Boy that wood was hard.

I had a china plate that my husband hates me using when serving dinner so I decided to practice china painting! Got the idea from Rita's blog where she explained how to "stencil" wooden signs. Grazi Rita! Great idea.

Hope you are doing something to "Nourish" yourself today.


Rita said...

I like the candle holder! Tata see you Sunday

Sandy Michelle said...

I'm glad you are crafting and I LOVE whe candle holder you made for Jane!!!

TUTU Monkey said...

That candle holder is amazing!!!

Happy Friday!!

Sherry said...

I love the little wooden shelf - what is it? I NEED ONE!! :)