Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mermaid Mercantile

Glitterfest in Santa Ana was Saturday and I had planned to attend but decided against the 1-1/2 drive and stayed home.

I did feel a tinge of regret because I wanted to shop and get some art inspiration....luckily Mermaid Mercantile was scheduled in Solano Beach on Sunday so I decided to buzz on over for a couple of hours.

The weather was breezy but the sun was out and there were lots of vendors. I did get a nice graduation present for my niece and some flea finds to make me happy and friendly hugs and art inspiration so it was a nice day for a short trip.

Here's some quick snaps I took....hope your Sunday was fun and inspiring too!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Little RED Coffee Table

When my granddaughter moved from her apartment after graduating from UCSD I went to help and came away with two tables. A coffee table and a craft table. I have been reading on the net about painting furniture and using glaze and thought this coffee table would be a good challenge for me.

It didn't turn out as I envisioned but it does look nice. I will be giving it back to my granddaughter or her MOther (I'm not getting into that argument.) ha ha

If it doesn't fit into their decor I might be painting it white who knows. I think it changed the look, don't you?



I'll be painting the craft table too......those pictures later.

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

I am envisioning redecorating my living room to a seashore decor so when I am shopping I have that in mind.

I had spotted this little star basket at a thrift store a couple weeks ago and later thought "oh, I should have bought that and painted it". I week back a few days later and of course, it was GONE....typical.

Then I stopped into the thrift store for a quick look see on my way to the grocery store and wandered around....low and behold....there was the star basket, they had moved it to a 4th of July display in the store. EUREKA.....I have a vision and can't wait to play.

I spray painted it white.....easy, peasy. Looked different already. Then I glue seashells on the lid to give it the ocean feel. I love the way it looks.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Day is It? What Time is It?

Woo Hoo!!! Wanted to share my great find at the local thrift store last week. I spotted it out of the corner of my eye and rushed over to grab it.

It had all it's parts except for a battery cover on the back. It also had a label "sold as is" so I didn't know if it worked or not but I wanted it.

Brought it home and put in two AA batteries and 2 "C" batteries worked PeReCTLy yay!!

Now I know what day it is and what time it is AnYTIME.

1960's flip calendar/clock......I call this my retro/vintage it!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Olivenhain Grove Sale

Yesterday, I took off early in the morning to go to the Olivenhain Grove Sale (Encinitas). Luckily my GPS took me right there otherwise I would have been lost in the middle of lemon groves.

The setup...30 wonderful vintage vendors in the middle of a huge amount of property. The parking was a little tricky but it was organized so that there were shuttles back and forth to a little parking lot to keep the neighborhood happy.

Lots of fun and beautiful things. I tried to stay within my budget and luckily didn't need any large pieces of furniture but oh I would have loved a couple tee hee

Here's some pictures to give you the "feel" of the show.

Wish you were there :}

Olivehain Grove Sale