Monday, May 17, 2010

Little RED Coffee Table

When my granddaughter moved from her apartment after graduating from UCSD I went to help and came away with two tables. A coffee table and a craft table. I have been reading on the net about painting furniture and using glaze and thought this coffee table would be a good challenge for me.

It didn't turn out as I envisioned but it does look nice. I will be giving it back to my granddaughter or her MOther (I'm not getting into that argument.) ha ha

If it doesn't fit into their decor I might be painting it white who knows. I think it changed the look, don't you?



I'll be painting the craft table too......those pictures later.


Jolee Jane said...

I love it! the red brings so much personality to the room;)

sandra lee said...

Love, love LOVE IT!!!!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Great job! it looks AWESOME!

Lovey said...

Great job on this table!!!!
Thanks for linking up! Lovey
PS...I'm following you now...

Lovey said...

PS...Come on back and Follow too...I love keeping in touch! Lovey

Lovey said...

OH thank you Jackie...I appreciate your kind words and you understanding my story. I'm sorry that you loss your mom too soon as well. We know they are in a better place...we take comfort in the knowing of this thought.

I too am so grateful for finding the gift within me...It connects me to everything and everyone good and positive. Only life comes from this and I love it.

KC is my SHE-ROH and I've told her many times. I have definitely grown as an artist and continue to grow as one learning what makes my heart soar.

Thank you for being a part of my journey now. I believe that nothing happens by chance. So we are indeed where we are meant to be....

Big Hugs...


Kelly Lish said... glad to be following your blog-looks like lots of fun going on! I love the red coffee table-nice glad to meet you!