Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I did last Friday

Friday the 26th was the GRAND OPENING of the Urban Barn aka La Maison Rustique originally in Temecula. They have ventured down our way to open an industrial site with 8,000 square feet for selling, classes and gatherings.

I am excited because not only will they have their once a month barn sale but they will be open weekly for 4 days starting April 1. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday's. Need a VINTAGE Fix.....drive on down.

My pictures just don't do it justice so if you're in the neighborhood, check it out. 155 Crest Street, Escondido, Ca.

Of Course, Malitda's Mouse (Valley Center) was open that same day so Bonnie and myself took off after the Urban Barn opening and did some more shopping.

At the front, on a table was a huge lovely rusty cage with baby chicks. I wish I took better pictures but it was so cute seeing these cute little chickies......I don't get to see baby animals that often. They had heat lamps set up to make sure they were warm and cozy.

Malitda's Mouse is named after her doggie, a wired haired Terrier. She was there lounging on her beautiful bed.

It was a beautiful day and there was lots of beautiful STUFF. I managed to escape without buying anything but Bonnie found a few "treasures" :}

I have more pictures but I have to resize and I'm tired :} After Matilda's Mouse we stopped by an Estate Sale in Valley Center that Bonnie's friend was working at.

Lots of fun stuff and YES, we BOTH bought more STUFF....but that's for another post.

Have a great week.............

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chateau de Fleur Market Place

I heard about Chateau de Fleur Market Place on Rita's blog a couple weeks ago and I said OH BOY shopping with Creative Ladies. I called my friend Bonnie M. and said there's going to be a vendor sale and barn sales up in your area....let's go!!

The rest is history.........it was soooo much fun. The weather was wonderful and the art was fantastic and the shopping ooh la la :}

I took a few pics but honestly I was too busy shopping and talking. After the Chateau de Fleur Market Place we got a map to 3 other barn sales so we took off and it was so funny cause across the street from one barn sale was a garage sale. So, of course, I had to check it out....oh my gosh, the guy had a record player!!!!!

I have been looking for one for a long time. It's from the 60's and kinda works ha ha
He sold it to me with about 100 LP's and a stand for $25!!!!! I was shocked and soooo happy.

Here's some pics of the sales......visit Rita's blog for more. Don't worry there will be another sale in June.....can't wait!

I did buy a couple things..but they are to alter so that's for another post tee hee

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I LOVE Vintage

Me and MANY, Many others love everything vintage. It is so much fun to move from blog to blog and check out the vintage arts and views.

I am still trying to perfect my sign scribing. I found a piece of old wood...actually it was from an old vintage wooden suitcase that broke apart but I kept the back side with hinges included.

I scribed my letters and colored them in. Then I added some coffee stained ruffles and lace with a little bling.

Taa Daaa I am liking it :}

Monday, March 1, 2010

Soldering with Rita

I had a wonderful day at Solona Beach with the Queen of Soldering, Rita of Mammabellarte. She and other talented vendors have been spending there month end time at the Mermaid Mercantile.

The day was so bright and lovely following a day of rain and storming. This is Rita's BELLA dress form. I love her skirt of "caging". So inventive!

Now when you take a class with Rita, she Feeds you! A lovely brown bag was awaiting me with her homemade pumpkin bread and some blood orange soda. YUMMY! The pumpkin bread had white and chocolate chips. I had some on my break of soldering and finished it up for breakfast Monday. OH So gOOD :}

It was a lovely day and we were outside working on our projects. A bottle turned into a picture holder and a bubble pendant.

A peek inside "Out of the Blue" store that holds the Mermaid Mercantile vendor show monthly.

I got to see one of Rita's FAMOUS bird houses in person that she has on her blog. It is postively beautiful .....what a carpenter she is!

Rita has a couple new pieces made of metal. They are eye catching. She is not sure what we would use them for but we had lots of suggestions like use as a necklace, put in collage, on a book, on a purse. Lovely!

A few more things in Rita's booth.

Here's pics of my finished soldered bottle.....love it!

Beautiful day, beautiful and talented ladies what more can one ask for.