Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chateau de Fleur Market Place

I heard about Chateau de Fleur Market Place on Rita's blog a couple weeks ago and I said OH BOY shopping with Creative Ladies. I called my friend Bonnie M. and said there's going to be a vendor sale and barn sales up in your area....let's go!!

The rest is was soooo much fun. The weather was wonderful and the art was fantastic and the shopping ooh la la :}

I took a few pics but honestly I was too busy shopping and talking. After the Chateau de Fleur Market Place we got a map to 3 other barn sales so we took off and it was so funny cause across the street from one barn sale was a garage sale. So, of course, I had to check it out....oh my gosh, the guy had a record player!!!!!

I have been looking for one for a long time. It's from the 60's and kinda works ha ha
He sold it to me with about 100 LP's and a stand for $25!!!!! I was shocked and soooo happy.

Here's some pics of the sales......visit Rita's blog for more. Don't worry there will be another sale in June.....can't wait!

I did buy a couple things..but they are to alter so that's for another post tee hee


Sandy Michelle said...

What fun!!!! I can't wait 'til our outdoor antique market opens up 'cause I am jonesing for some 'junk'..hee,hee!!


geogems said...

yooo friend, next time I'm there---you just have to direct me. I am purging but those pics looked too good to be true. So happy you found your record player. My grandkids probably don't know what that is...geo

Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Hi! Just stopping by in reply to your question on The Painted Hive. You may have heard of this method before though as I'm not aware of it's official name (if it even has one) I just titled it "Citrus Rub"!
Here's how I did it:

1. Design and print off your desired artwork in reverse (I used a laser printer (with toner) though I think you can use inkjet too. If not, you might need to get your design photocopied).

2. As my chair seat was larger than a standard piece of paper, I had to print off my design in sections. I then cut and layed it out - ink side down - how I wanted it.

3. Once I was happy with the positioning of my design on the fabric, it's time to transfer it!

4. Pour some Orange Power Cleaner (I think it's called CitraSolve in the USA) into a small container and use a paint brush to brush it onto the back of your design over the printed area. Work in sections and use enough cleaner to make the paper transparent though don't over-saturate it.

5. Using the back of a spoon, rub the paper treated with the cleaner to transfer the ink from the paper onto your fabric. You need to rub quite hard and even use the edge of the spoon at times. I find that the paper will tear after a while though it shouldn't matter as by this point your ink should have already been transferred.

6. Once your entire design is on the fabric, give it a gentle press with a hot iron to set it then hand wash to remove any citrus residue - it shouldn't stain.

7. Your grain sack is now ready to be made into a myriad of beautiful things! The ink is embedded into the fabric and should be resistant to fading and washing out!

Just be aware that this method relies on the ink 'grabbing' your fabric, so it will work better on certain fabrics and not so well on others. Voila! Give it a go and please contact me again to let me know what you create!

All the best