Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Party

I won't bore you with details. Just had to share some pics of the banners I made for the girls and some of the pics from the party. My niece had cupcakes instead of a birthday cake and then put out tons of little goodies to let the kids decorate their own cupcake i.e. smarties, jelly beans, sprinkles, marshmellows, gummy bears, etc. What fun!

I used my cricut expressions and sure cuts alot program to cut banner pieces and sewed them right up.

Who was the birthday girl?.........almost all of them. ha ha


One of my friends, Melanie and her hubby decided they needed to extend their family nooooooo not a baby but a puppy.

They got a 7 month old (about) from a rescue. Part Corgi and part chihawawa (or however you spell it). Her name is Foxy. She is soooo cute.

She is a handfull for sure.

  • Quiet down Foxy

  • Don't bite me Foxy

  • Don't pick on Tina (the kitty)

  • Don't pee on the carpet

hmmmmm good training for babies it seems to me :}

But how can you resist this cute little face? I want a doggie so I have to live thru Mel's suffering ha ha

I know it's a weird post but couldn't resist. I am glad that Mel and hubby decided to rescue a dog and you can tell she's grateful :}

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!!

It's going to be a lovely weekend here in Southern California. They say in the 90's, can you believe it? We're going to go check out the farmer's market in Poway and then over to a dog adoption event in Poway. Yes, I want a doggie!!!! We have been to Helen Woodward Animal Center and on the net checking out dogs.

I am torn because in the couple years I have been dogless it has been nice not worrying about when we'll be home or oops I forgot the dog food. On the other hand, I do love the unending love of a dog and their ability to lift my spirits anytime they look at you.

So, we'll see what they say, let nature take it's course, what will be--will be, etc. etc. etc. ha ha ha

I haven't made a post in awhile so I thought I'd just jot some of exploits on dog hunting and then post some pics of my studio as I am happy to report it is clean and ready for duty. yay!!!

Have wonderful day......rrruffff

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's a Dolly Day!!!

As I have been cleaning and arranging, I started to notice a theme! Dolls, Doll like objects, Dollies with bodies, Dollie heads, glass dollies, gift dollies and more. So I thought I would share them with you as they each mean something to me, even if it is just for inspiration.

I call this dolly my Michael DeMeng doll. I got the technique from his class. He is amazing for sure.

My inspiration was an Antique German Doll head I bought from Retro Cafe.

My Blythe Dollie, a gift from my niece. Love Her!!!

A great thrift store find....isn't she beautiful?

A beautiful gift from April.

I purchased this ART DOLL from Sandy. She has made some amazing art and makes great blog banners.

Isn't she cute. So Vintage!!

Another Antique German Doll head. I soldered this little "head" onto a vintage bottle, added wings and a little brass cap. I got the Antique German Doll head and Wings at Retro Cafe.

Are you seeing a theme in my dollies? Old is beautiful?

I actually bought this lady on Shop Goodwill. Even charities have websites to sell their wares these days.

It's always nice to look at everything from different sides :} This little girl is waiting for me to add her to art somehow.

Cupid dolly and someone took the time to crochet her a cute little dress.

In my younger days my sister and I tried our hand at ceramics. This piece I made and gave to my Grandpa. It's dated 1973, whew!

A different view of dolls you've seen before.

A dolly I made for my friend Bonnie for her birthday 2008.

A dollie I made in a class given by Georgia. That's me as a baby in the watch face.

This one I recently picked up because she has a "Marie Antionette" look to me and I want to make a "Marie" dolls.

Another great thrift store find.

Here's my box full of doll parts. I got them at the Irvine Flea Market and wish I had bought more :}

Beautiful piece of art made for me by Jane for my birthday, 2008. Lucky me!

Aren't these little celluiod cupids cute? A guy with a cigar and a hula skirt hmmmmm

That's not all my dollies but it's a good sampling :} How many dollies do you have? Do you have a favorite? Tell me Why.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Art Meetup Date Set, Let's Play!

Finally, it's time to start Art Meetups again yay!

I decided to start a separate blog for details for Art Meetups.


Go visit and check out general information about Art Meetups and what we are doing for April's Art Meetup!

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Life is Art

I had a visit from my niece with her 3 little girls age 2 almost 3 :} They are a handful and I am happy everytime I see them and to be honest, exhausted when they leave but a fun exhausted.

They are little works of Art that amaze me with there antics, curiousity and zero to 60 energy!

Among the little things we did, were the "drawings" and I wanted them to hang their art on my studio door. I must admit they were more than happy to do it if I provided them with unending supply of scotch tape :} Why don't I ever learn buying toys is fun but give a kid some tissue paper, a box, tape, etc and they are entertained easily. Hey! maybe that's why alot of us love altered art.......a box, tissue paper, adhesive....hmmmmmm

Now the main reason for their visit was their cousin was turning 4 and having a birthday party. We got all dressed up and went to the party and had a great time.

I got my grand-niece (whew! I'm old) a Tuttu from Twirling Tutu's. Isn't she cute?

My niece made an Ariel cake, wow, now that's a baker!

And, my sister made as a gift for her Granddaughter an "I SPY" quilt. So cool. All the kids loved it!

As with all parties and visits, it ended and I now I'm going about the same old thing, cleaning up my studio after having 3 little artists visit.

Art can be MESSY but it is always FUN!