Wednesday, April 22, 2009


One of my friends, Melanie and her hubby decided they needed to extend their family nooooooo not a baby but a puppy.

They got a 7 month old (about) from a rescue. Part Corgi and part chihawawa (or however you spell it). Her name is Foxy. She is soooo cute.

She is a handfull for sure.

  • Quiet down Foxy

  • Don't bite me Foxy

  • Don't pick on Tina (the kitty)

  • Don't pee on the carpet

hmmmmm good training for babies it seems to me :}

But how can you resist this cute little face? I want a doggie so I have to live thru Mel's suffering ha ha

I know it's a weird post but couldn't resist. I am glad that Mel and hubby decided to rescue a dog and you can tell she's grateful :}

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Melanie said...

Awwww! So cuuuute! Wait, you forgot "don't chew the pillows, Foxy!". It's amazing the unconditional love that I so quickly and blindly gave to her! You will find a puppy that will be just perfect for you and Frank... In the mean time Foxy will be very happy to give you slobber kisses. ;)