Saturday, April 4, 2009

Life is Art

I had a visit from my niece with her 3 little girls age 2 almost 3 :} They are a handful and I am happy everytime I see them and to be honest, exhausted when they leave but a fun exhausted.

They are little works of Art that amaze me with there antics, curiousity and zero to 60 energy!

Among the little things we did, were the "drawings" and I wanted them to hang their art on my studio door. I must admit they were more than happy to do it if I provided them with unending supply of scotch tape :} Why don't I ever learn buying toys is fun but give a kid some tissue paper, a box, tape, etc and they are entertained easily. Hey! maybe that's why alot of us love altered art.......a box, tissue paper, adhesive....hmmmmmm

Now the main reason for their visit was their cousin was turning 4 and having a birthday party. We got all dressed up and went to the party and had a great time.

I got my grand-niece (whew! I'm old) a Tuttu from Twirling Tutu's. Isn't she cute?

My niece made an Ariel cake, wow, now that's a baker!

And, my sister made as a gift for her Granddaughter an "I SPY" quilt. So cool. All the kids loved it!

As with all parties and visits, it ended and I now I'm going about the same old thing, cleaning up my studio after having 3 little artists visit.

Art can be MESSY but it is always FUN!