Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome to the World

I got a call from my sister at 3:15am this morning. My niece was expecting her second child and she was at the hospital with both Grandma's in attendance.

I showered and dressed and hopped into my car. at 4am in the morning I saw only 3 cars on the road all the way to the hospital. Luckily my sister had told me the room number or I would have missed the birth. As I walked down the hallway I could hear the oohs and aaaahs and as I walked into the room the baby was being delivered....I DIDN'T MISS IT!!!!

Little Cole Michael was born at 4:21 am pretty and pink........I guess I better not tell him I said that ha ha. Really he is gorgeous. Mom was doing well as this is her second child she was much more relaxed and knew what was happening so she was happy and excited. Love those epidurals :}

Here's to a healthy, happy little guy..........we love you Baby Cole.

Shopping on Friday, February 22nd

Wow what a fun weekend! Rain cannot stop determined shoppers. Friday my friends Jane and Bonnie and myself took a road trip. First stop, The Barn Sale in Temecula. If you have not been, you MUST....everything vintage, shabby chic and fun. Check out Heather's Blog for great photos (she's the best).

We arrived and stepped thru the rain and a little mud to enter the barn and quickly started looking around to find great bargains. The ladies here put on a great sale and I love the how everything is displayed........if only I had an eye for design....oh well......

The rain couldn't dampen the day or our spirits and I had planned on a little more travel and shopping. I had heard the ArtBar in Santa Ana was moving and having a sale so I wanted to drive up and check it out......soooooo off we went in the rain. Hour and 1/2 later we were shopping somemore. We got some great deals, some for only 25 cents. Jane checked out this wonderful dressform in the window which had a little chandelier on the top and it is a light....she HAD TO HAVE IT! Luckily I had my truck. After it was wrapped in many layers of plastic to fend off the we went back down to Temecula. Isn't she cute?

I called a friend and told her we were on our way back to the barn and she could meet us there........well 3pm on Friday and the 91 Highway with rain means no speeding more like crawling..........two hours later we arrived back at the Barn. Needless to say, my friend had come, shopped, hung around and driven home.....sorry Bonnie :{
Looking at the pictures on Heather's blog I see Saturday was a beautiful day. Crazy San Diego weather lately one day rain, one day sun, one day rain, one day sun. This week it's suppose to be clear........who knows.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Switching to BlogSpot

I've been looking at different blogging editors and decided to go with BlogSpot. So if you're thinking of getting into blogging, check back and see if I'm improving :}

I belong to alot of great yahoo groups and one of the subjects is the anatomy plastic men. Have you seen them at the $1 store? I never can find them so I buy online from and Michael DeMeng has them too.

They are fun to collage and add elements to. Check out a couple I've done. I started with sheets of music and used modge pod to adhere to the little guy.

Then I added flowers to his chest area. I call him "Music Man".

This one is a "hoot" I think, I can him "Measure of a Man". I actually sold this to a woman who was going to give it to her X-husband as a Christmas gift. (Notice the screw in the pelvis area :}