Friday, February 8, 2008

Switching to BlogSpot

I've been looking at different blogging editors and decided to go with BlogSpot. So if you're thinking of getting into blogging, check back and see if I'm improving :}

I belong to alot of great yahoo groups and one of the subjects is the anatomy plastic men. Have you seen them at the $1 store? I never can find them so I buy online from and Michael DeMeng has them too.

They are fun to collage and add elements to. Check out a couple I've done. I started with sheets of music and used modge pod to adhere to the little guy.

Then I added flowers to his chest area. I call him "Music Man".

This one is a "hoot" I think, I can him "Measure of a Man". I actually sold this to a woman who was going to give it to her X-husband as a Christmas gift. (Notice the screw in the pelvis area :}

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