Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun Friday and Life is Good!

Yesterday was a wonderful Friday. I planned to meet up with one of my long time friends, Lydia. We were going to go to lunch and do some catching up. She lives by Ocean Beach so I told her I would come to her.

I decided to leave a little early and swing by the Thrift Stores in Pacific Beach. Two great thrift stores next to each other. Goodwill and UCP (United Celebral Palsy) non-profit stores. These stores have some great clothing and lots of “treasures”.

It used to be that some people frowned on thrift store shopping but in today’s society of going green, re-purposing and recycling and creating wonderful art out of “vintage” and “junque” it has become extremely popular. As a hoarder and collector of anything rusty or in my mind, collectible I’ve always been a big fan of thrift store shopping…..probably more than I should. Ha ha Geez I can enjoy myself and support local charities what a great past time!

So……I had to laugh as I was cruising the aisles of Goodwill but who did I almost collide with but Maryam, a dear friend. She was also going to meet up with a friend for tea and had a few spare minutes. I couldn’t resist taking a picture………it’s out and we’re PROUD :}

Here’s some of the day’s great finds for me!

Michael Miller Fabric, designer rubber rain boots. hmmmm maybe I will use them a vase or planter .

German doll parts ....cloth body with china arms, legs and head.

Brass soapdish hmmmmm I'm going to use it as a shelf of some kind.

Isn't she sweet!

After a refreshing shopping spree…..on to Lunch with Lydia. We ended up at a nice little restaurant overlooking Ocean Beach, Nikki's, and it was a beautiful day. Talking, laughing, and catching up.

After lunch we took a stroll down the main street in OB (Ocean Beach) and stopped at Bella Maison (Sorry no website).

Last time I was in this store it was more about wallpaper and upholstery now they added lots of great eye candy and beautiful merchandise. This store is one block away from Vignettes on the same side of the street.

After checking out the store, we wandered on down to Vignettes. Lydia had never been but she is eager now to share it with her brother-in-law and friends. We had fun browsing and picture taking.

Of course, we had to stop by Joy's booth….her tees are just so darn cute?

I decided to bring my hubby a little sweet because right next door to Vignettes is s a Cuban bakery, Azucar a spectacular selection of sweets presented in beautiful designs.

Now I just made a quick stop at Starbucks to compliment the dessert and home to watch Oprah.

Yes, indeed, a wonderful Friday and a great segway into the weekend. Hope yours is wonderful too!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

La Maison Rustique Barn Sale

This is the 3rd weekend of the month and it's time for another visit to the FAB La Maison Rustique Barn sale in Temecula.

I needed to go to pickup a wonderful wooden vintage paper sorter that I asked to be saved for me. I should have just purchased it last month and brought it home but had to think about it for a "second" and email the Barn to hold it for me.

I'm going to use this in my "new" studio for the TONS of scrapbook paper I have. It will be nice to have it organized in some way to enable me to find SoMEthIng!

Also, Congratulations to La Maison Rustique for being featured in the April issue of Somerset LIFE Magazine. Woo Hoo!!! Check it out, on the newstands April 1.

I arrived at the Barn and started clicking photos as Sandy, a Altered Artist in Canada had mentioned "wouldn't it be nice if you could give me a virtual tour and I could tell you to buy this, buy that?" I thought I would give her (and you) a view of what they had this time.

Let's start our VIRTUAL TOUR....

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I didn't even go upstairs or out in the garden area!!!! So much eye candy, when shopping at the Barn you need to circle and circle to finding new delights each time :}

The Barn is so FABuloUs because all the items are moved and restaged with new items each month so you might have missed it last time and discover it this time. It's also fun to see the vignettes that they set up for the merchandise.

This is a picture of myself and Linda who owns La Maison Rustique Barn. She is such a giving person and I feel blessed to have found the barn and these lovely ladies. The next picture is of Sherri of Glamarella Junk and Linda. Sherri hand tye dyes vintage silk slips for fun/sexy fashionware. Sherri also is a wonderful artist who creates rustique jewelry, altered art and the marketing of wonderful Vintage tee shirts.

Of course, I couldn't get out of the Barn without a few extra purchases. I purchased this great antique looking personalized necklace made out of the a vintage watch casing. Cool huh? Necklace by Lizzy Bee's. She doesn't have a website yet but you can email her. Also, I purchased some old typewriter keys...I KNOW I can make SOMethiNG with these. tee hee

To put the icing on the cake for the day, I had a package waiting for me when I got home. I had purchased this creative Martini glass art doll from Sandy. She is lovely and will have a place of honor in my studio.

I had a delightful day and I hope you have a delightful, art filled week!