Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mystery Solved and New Blog!

I FINALLY know who the wonderful people are who purchased my beautiful Natasha Moore Blythe doll for me!!!!

My niece, Miriam who has 3 beautiful little girls had visited a couple weeks ago for one of my art meetups. Her husband generously offered to watch the girls while she "played" with us. Well, I had mentioned to her how I found these dolls and think I NEED one!

She understands the "collecting bug" as she has been one at times. So she discussed my "need" with her husband and they sent all the way to Hong Kong for my Natasha. She said she had asked them to put a note in the box but that didn't happen. Maybe it was better that way because it made it a fun surprise which continued for awhile.

Thank you Ron, Miriam and my little beautiful grand-nieces. Maybe we can play dolls sometime? Love you all!

Along those lines, Miss Vicky of Cut-It Up is planning a Blythe doll wedding at the Zne Con at the end of August. So I decided we needed a blog, doesn't everyone need a blog? So please check it out. I wrote an on-going love story for the first post and you can vote on how it will end.

Edward and Eternia In Love

Take a look.

Hugs, jackie

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Whew! Finally Finished My Chunky Book Pages!

As I've told you, I'm going to Znecon in Pleasanton, Ca. at the end of August. They are having a chunky book exchange. Send in 30 pages and when I arrive I will get a bound book of 25 pages. 1 of my pages and 24 of other artists pages.

It will be so much fun to receive. I thought I would share my pages with you and if you leave a comment, you will be entered in a drawing for one of my pages. I made an extra to give away. I will randomly draw a name on August 8th. So check back to see if you're a winner.

Above is the page you might win! This little girl on the card is a Polly Pocket doll and clothes.

On with my 4 x 4 cards on their way to Pleasanton.

Some are kinda flat and smooth, others lumpy and bumpy.

I won't post all 30 but you get the idea. It was fun, I really need to do this more often!

Don't forget to comment to be added to the drawing for a 4 x 4 polly pocket chunky book page.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Postman Cometh and He Sure Did Bringeth!!!

Wow, I just happened to be out front this afternoon when our mailman, Tommy was delivering the mail. He said "hey, I have a package for you". He brought over a box wrapped in green paper.

I said "what could this be?" He said it's a package from Hong Kong and say's "toy doll". hmmmmm I said as I signed the receipt. "I don't remember ordering anything lately, let alone from Hong Kong!".

I hurried inside and ripped the paper off and opened the inner box.........WOW a Blythe doll!!! Natasha Moore Blythe doll! Nathasha Moore TAKARA Blythe doll!! A BRAND SPANKING new Natasha Moore Blythe doll!!!!

She's so beautiful but how did she arrive? I didn't purchase one so now it's a mystery who would have purchased this doll for me and not said a thing?? I'm at a loss to know who would have done this but OH SO THANKFUL for her, she is a beauty!!

Okay fess up Wonderul person and let me know who you are! I can't open her box or play with her until I know it's not a mistake.

What a great Surprise :}

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saturday thru Wed...July 12 thru 16th..What a WEEK!

Bonnie and I took off for Temecula on Friday, July 12th with our eye on visiting the "Contessa" who had some great shabby chic, fun decorator items. Lauren is the Contessa and a very accomplished photographer.

She has come up with a process of putting her photos on canvas and then giving them a finish glaze that gives them shimmer and an antique type quality. Her website is: . This is her photography site but she tells us she will have a blog shortly...can't wait!

Here are some pics from her home sale.

Notice the pink dress on canvas that the Contessa has immortalized through her beautiful photograph and process? Well, speaking of a small world..this picture was taken at the barn, La Maison Rustique. If you haven't been you must go, but what makes it a small world is that dress was purchased by my friend Jane and is featured on her website, WOW a famous pink dress!!!

Before we visited the Contessa, Bonnie and I detoured to Old Town Temecula and stopped by the Stamping Outpost. I wish I had taken some pictures. This is a small but FAB place to visit. The owner has scrapbooking and altered art, a wonderful selection.

We also went to Serendipty, a beautiful shabby chic type store. Here some pics to make you think about visiting.

Sunday, DAY OF REST for Sure...getting ready for Miss Vicky from

Monday's classes at Jane's home. Miss Vicky taught us making a junque necklace with lots of great "junk". The results were spectular!

Were we such bad students that Vickie had to have a head massage? She does looked relaxed!!!

Then in the afternoon we embellished silverware....don't throw that old silver away!! You can tweak it and make art.

Do you see why the last few days have been so busy? Not only busy but fun, fun.

The last class that Miss Vickie did was a image transfer class at my home. I took pics but unfortunately really don't have any close up of the books. I will get them soon and post because they were beautiful and so unique.

We did have a blast. Isn't it true when you get your friends together and start creating.... the time just flys and the inspirations grow. I really didn't get my book even started as I was hosting the class. I had fun watching everyone and getting inspired when I decide to start my book.

This Digital Ground Media from Golden is so great. Take your material and "paint" it with the media and if you can stick it in your ink jet printer, you can print anything on it and use it in your art. What will they think of next. Miss Vickie can get you this product so be sure and check in with her. Here's a few pics showing the great time we had.

It was a wonderful 4 days of fun, shopping and creating. Wednesday I met my family for fun at Seaworld but that another post :}

Thanks for checking in.