Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mystery Solved and New Blog!

I FINALLY know who the wonderful people are who purchased my beautiful Natasha Moore Blythe doll for me!!!!

My niece, Miriam who has 3 beautiful little girls had visited a couple weeks ago for one of my art meetups. Her husband generously offered to watch the girls while she "played" with us. Well, I had mentioned to her how I found these dolls and think I NEED one!

She understands the "collecting bug" as she has been one at times. So she discussed my "need" with her husband and they sent all the way to Hong Kong for my Natasha. She said she had asked them to put a note in the box but that didn't happen. Maybe it was better that way because it made it a fun surprise which continued for awhile.

Thank you Ron, Miriam and my little beautiful grand-nieces. Maybe we can play dolls sometime? Love you all!

Along those lines, Miss Vicky of Cut-It Up is planning a Blythe doll wedding at the Zne Con at the end of August. So I decided we needed a blog, doesn't everyone need a blog? So please check it out. I wrote an on-going love story for the first post and you can vote on how it will end.

Edward and Eternia In Love

Take a look.

Hugs, jackie


Sandy Michelle said...

Your niece rocks!!!!!!!!

Bonnie said...

That is a pretty cool gift. So glad the mystery of the doll is solved :)