Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We got a Winner!

I used my handy dandy random number chooser (random.org) and got the number 5. Before I went there I had determined I would count from the bottom up this time.

Winner....taaa daaaa Jolee Jane!!! All she has to do is send me the answers to the questions and she will be confirmed the winner.

I suspect she is asleep right now knowing she is a early to bed, early to rise person so I'll confirm the answers and post tomorrow.

I hope you all had fun checking out a few new sites.

CLOSED...two winners for this little game: SeaWitch and Bonnie P. Thanks for playing. For those of you that actually are up and are looking at this post TONIGHT (Tuesday eve after 10pm and before midnight pacific standard time)I am going to give the first 3 people that email me a tinkerbell necklace, 7 gypsies 6 x 6 scrapbook, a small bag of silver german glass glitter. You choose which one you want to win....give me first choice, second choice, third choice. The first 3 people will win hopefully their first choice but for sure one of the 3. I like to make things confusing..you should be getting that idea by now. ha ha

Thanks for checking in!

Where Women Create.......

First, let me tell you there is still time to enter the Harry and David $50 gift card giveaway ending today at 10pm. Check out the post down below.

Have you seen the magazine by Somerset, Where Women Create? It is a bevy of inspiration of how artists have setup up their studios to help them create there wonderful creations.

I love this magazine and love to look at all the unique items they have in their studios and drool over their organization skills.

When I was preparing my Art Trades for the Sandcastle Sirens I "reverted" to my old ways of creating downstairs. For those that know me, you know I have almost an entire upstairs for creating.

Sometimes it's hard to break habits. I know by talking to others that we can start creating in a WIDE OPEN space but usually end up with a small space in front of us to finish up what we are doing. I think it's because we get so involved in creating and pulling out "things" here and there that the area gets filled.

Anyway, I laughed when I looked at my "space" for making my art trades and thought this is really "where women create" at least for me.

So for your laugh for today, here's the pics........

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Note to Self "Start Creating!!"

Here I am again still behind on creating....I have promised to list art to give away and so I dig in my archives of STUFF and find things I have created and need a new home until I can get it together (when will that be?).

So a little giveaway for the next couple weeks. I am giving away this cute little 5X7 memo board and 3 vintage button magnets.

I used a chippy shabby chic frame and got a piece of sheet metal from good old home depot and used a collage picture of a German Antique Doll Head (collage sheet from where else but Retro Art Cafe.

I then applied the collage piece to the metal sheet with Gel Medium and after it had dried completely, I put vaseline over the picture and painted everything pink. After that dried, I simply wiped the paint and vaseline over the face away and assembled in the frame. I then added some vintage lace and rosettes to her necklace to give her a 3D look. With the addition of magnets to buttons....a cute little memo board.

Post and I will draw a winner on July 15th. thanks for visiting.

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's a Lovely Day for my Little Angel

I woke up this morning and remembered my little angel girl was going to get a new home today. I love her little smile and hope that she makes her new owner happy.

I went to random.org and asked that they give me a number between 1 and 31. 31 being the number of posts I had for this giveaway and it returned to me......................NUMBER 1!!!!

Congratulation June, YOU ARE THE WINNER. Please contact me with your shipping details and she will be off to meet you.

For the rest of you thank you for your kind comments and come back tomorrow for the next NEW giveaway. Don't forget to post a comment for the $50 Harry and David Card Giveaway going on right now.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Torso Swap

I decided to exchange "torsos" within a yahoo group because you only have to do 3. I don't like doing 10 or 12 of something and if it's online, sometimes you never get back what you put in.

Still it intrigued me...so I joined. I made 4 torsos cause I got inspired. Here are the pics of the front and back of each one.

I used some of Jane's techniques of bubble wrap and pencil on this torso.

I used canvas on this torso. I cut a torso shape and painted it and sewed it on a cardboard shape of a torso. I love the feel of this one.

Collage with shiny magazine pages and then I added the flower as a tail feather. To add a little blending to the body I "dripped" paint down the petals. I like it :}

This one is a pic of the front only as the back is the same :}

I bought these awesome digital collage sheets from a blog "Free Backgrounds and other Blog Stuff by Itukpilli" (that's a mouthful ha ha) Itukpilli is Finnish and does beautiful Marie type backgrounds and stuff so be sure and check her out.

Happy Father's Day.....I know it will be a busy day for you Mom's out there :}

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good Morning All You Wonderful People

It's kinda overcast here in "sunny" San Diego but I am in a creative mood so I am hoping to make something today I can add to my FREE giveaways so check back in a day or two.

I am trying to make my blog easier for you to find GIVEAWAYS so you will see I have added links on the upper left sideof my blog for the Giveaways. With these links I can continue to do some posting about other things (not just giveaways) but visitors will not miss a Giveaway because they couldn't find it.

If you have any problems, please email me.

Have a wonderfully creative day!

hugs, jackie

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

I was going thru some STUFF again and found some gift cards so I thought I would share one with my readers. I have a $50 Harry and David Gift Card to give away. It is good FOREVER (as I've had it that long tee hee) and can be used either online, calling their 800 number or in their stores.

So to make it "interesting" I thought I would have you do a little internet hunt and you bring back the "items" and post that you have the answers. Don't post the answers but when I do the drawing (drawing randomly) I will email you and ask for the answers. If you email me with the time alotted (about 24 hrs) and have the correct answers YOU WIN!!!

Ready, Set, Go!!!

I will draw a winner Saturday, June 30th at Noon. I will post who COULD be the winner, if they have the right answers. I will email them (if you give me contact info) or you have that day to email me. Then like I said you have approximagely 24 hrs.(I will give you a time to respond) to email me the CORRECT answers. If you do not respond within the alotted time frame or the answers are wrong...I move on to another person.

Confused...I tend to make up games that are confusing but reread the post or email me with questions....let's play!

QUESTION #1: Scrapbook Royalty is promoting a raffle for charity thru September 30, 2009. What is the Raffle For....the item and the cause?

QUESTION #2: Name one item tha is on the Cancer Coping Center Wishlist.

QUESTION #3: How much money did the Sandcastle Sirens event raise for it's non-profit art therapy project?

QUESTION #4: Trick question...my favorite blog today is? ha ha

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a post about nothing for fun

Who said it's hard to blog? ha ha Okay I'm out of ideas today for a post but as you can see I was playing dollies AGAIN and thought she looked so cute I had to post a couple pics. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

FREE Art N' Stuff Second Giveaway...more to come!

AND THE WINNER IS: Lola Enchanted...congratulations. Please email me privately at this email with your mailing address. YAY to the winner of my FIRST giveaway. We still have the doll bottle being given away this month and I will be listing another art giveaway very soon.

This is NEW in package a gift set that contains a Purse Hook for your keys. Hook this over the edge of your purse or pocket so you never have to fumble looking for your keys again.

Also in the set is a purse hook. The Purse Hanger lets you hang your handbag or tote from a table instead of putting on the floor. The hook is compact for easy storage.

I had purchased several of these to resale in my "store". How silly to have something laying around instead of out in the world being used.

I will draw a winner with the random number generator on June 15th.

Hope you win :}

FREE Art N' Stuff First Giveaway..more to come!

As promised this is my first piece of Altered Art that I am giving away FREE. Just leave a comment and on June 26th I will use a random number generator to draw a winner. Please only post once. There will be MORE free stuff posted this month so please come back often to visit and tell your friends.

Just cause I posted I was going to be creative and start doing my art for you, I am BEHIND already ha ha So I am giving away something I made last month.

I got the beautiful German doll head and wings from Retro Cafe Art. The bottle from a friend and the hat is actually from a candle snuffer that I cut off and placed upon her head.

When I post giveaways I will tell you where I purchased or got the items. I always want to know when I see other people's art "where did they get that?" kinda thing. If you know of other places to buy these items, SHARE...that's what this is about. SHARING

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's another Dolly (Kitty) Day?

Bring Me a Bird!!!! :}
The word Dollie just brings a smile to my face and making paperdolls is so much fun so yesterday was our monthly Art Meetup of women of CREATIVITY and FUN and we did just that!

I posted the pics of our little paper dolls we made and ask that you go on over to MY OTHER BLOG to check them out!

BUT before you do, please take some check out my TWO GIVEAWAYS so far for this month. Just post a comment and you're entered!!!!

Have a wonderful Day!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sandcastle Sirens Art Retreat- A picture is worth a 1,000 words

So here's a MILLION words for you. I'll be back later to put some more words around the pictures but for now just have fun checking out the scenery and fun at the Art Retreat!