Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where Women Create.......

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Have you seen the magazine by Somerset, Where Women Create? It is a bevy of inspiration of how artists have setup up their studios to help them create there wonderful creations.

I love this magazine and love to look at all the unique items they have in their studios and drool over their organization skills.

When I was preparing my Art Trades for the Sandcastle Sirens I "reverted" to my old ways of creating downstairs. For those that know me, you know I have almost an entire upstairs for creating.

Sometimes it's hard to break habits. I know by talking to others that we can start creating in a WIDE OPEN space but usually end up with a small space in front of us to finish up what we are doing. I think it's because we get so involved in creating and pulling out "things" here and there that the area gets filled.

Anyway, I laughed when I looked at my "space" for making my art trades and thought this is really "where women create" at least for me.

So for your laugh for today, here's the pics........

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geogems said...

I LOVE IT. I haven't had the privalege of seeing the new digs, but I do the same thing. Mostly, cuz I can't get to my desk. Last night I dropped some stuff out of my watercolor cupboard (actually it flew out as I opened it) I decided, I don't feel like picking it up. It is so freeing...and it layed there till Sally came and thought it was my back that stopped me. It was laziness. I miss seeing you girlfriend, and I know if I win something, people will think it's rigged. xo geo