Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It Never Rains in California?

I had to put a post on my blog because I am feeling sorry for myself today. I have been working FEVERishly on my Art Trades for Sandcastle Sirens Art Retreat starting Saturday.

Okay so I should have had them done but I changed my mind several times but then I was "pawing" thru some of my STUFF in the garage and I had an inspiration and off I went.

SOOOOOOO, I get the collaging pretty well done last night and finish up this morning. Added a little embellishment here and there and take the "art trade" (not saying what it is until Saturday)outside.

I decide to spray them with a glossy clear finish to just make them more prettier...good english huh? I figure this evening I can add the 3 dimensional items.

Soooo to make a short story even longer........I leave them to dry in the SUN and we take off to Costco for a little shopping. Now it's warm here but I did hear on the news there was some thunder and lighting in some areas of San Diego but did I really hear it...........yes, yes you know what's coming.

We leave Costco and my husband comments on the lightning he sees not far from us. I laugh and say we better head home I don't want my "trades" to get wet.

Drum rolllll please.........driving into our neighborhood...wet heart beats a little faster, I start calling my stupid and why did I leave my little "trades" outside. We get in the driveway I decide to check out the "art" before unloading..hoping..........

agggghhhhhhh did you hear me scream :} wet, streaked, water get the picture. Time to basically start over. Oh well only 1 day behind again.

Gel Medium cannot seal projects against water, spray finish is not waterproof, it never rains in California :}

If this is your first visit, be sure and read the posts below for free giveaways. I will be posting a picture of my "Art Trades" Saturday morning and will be giving away one so stop back by.


sandra Lee said...

Jackie, I am so sorry for you...I was actually working on some mini garden chairs for the sale (and they are metal) and all of a sudden THE BIGGEST CRACK OF LIGHTNING hit over my head!!! Needless to say my dog and I ran like "lightning" in the house! Lucky for me they are flowers and soil so they did not get soiled...can't wait to have fun with you and all the gals! I know your trades will be fantastic!

Melanie said...

oh noooooooo!!!!!! good thing you had some other ideas! I got the hail... =( (

Bet's Crayons said...

Thunder made me jump right out of my skin! Now there's a pictures for you!
Bummer about your project. How many are you remaking? Can't wait to see them.
See you Sat. hugs.

worldsite said...

I like art. this amazing..