Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's another Dolly (Kitty) Day?

Bring Me a Bird!!!! :}
The word Dollie just brings a smile to my face and making paperdolls is so much fun so yesterday was our monthly Art Meetup of women of CREATIVITY and FUN and we did just that!

I posted the pics of our little paper dolls we made and ask that you go on over to MY OTHER BLOG to check them out!

BUT before you do, please take some check out my TWO GIVEAWAYS so far for this month. Just post a comment and you're entered!!!!

Have a wonderful Day!!!


Miss Vicky said...

I wish I could do the splits like that! And get out of bed the next morning!
Miss Vicky

Teresa said...

Your darling Kitty doll is such an inspiration. My friends and I will be creating our own version at a lunch group this month!