Sunday, June 21, 2009

Torso Swap

I decided to exchange "torsos" within a yahoo group because you only have to do 3. I don't like doing 10 or 12 of something and if it's online, sometimes you never get back what you put in.

Still it intrigued I joined. I made 4 torsos cause I got inspired. Here are the pics of the front and back of each one.

I used some of Jane's techniques of bubble wrap and pencil on this torso.

I used canvas on this torso. I cut a torso shape and painted it and sewed it on a cardboard shape of a torso. I love the feel of this one.

Collage with shiny magazine pages and then I added the flower as a tail feather. To add a little blending to the body I "dripped" paint down the petals. I like it :}

This one is a pic of the front only as the back is the same :}

I bought these awesome digital collage sheets from a blog "Free Backgrounds and other Blog Stuff by Itukpilli" (that's a mouthful ha ha) Itukpilli is Finnish and does beautiful Marie type backgrounds and stuff so be sure and check her out.

Happy Father's Day.....I know it will be a busy day for you Mom's out there :}


Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

looks like you had a good time! I made flowers and did my bottle caps yesterday! warning.I will be posting my bottle caps on my blog! Ill let you know when I do incase you want to be surprised!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Ituppiki ( HMM ???)Love her site. How do you say the name and any idea what i means?. But glad you found a great use for some of her awesome free background

geogems said...

Hey---you really do have THE ART IN YOU. I love them and they are all so different...just like a beautiful bouquet of flowers (yuc) right.

I love my blog THANKS you can have my first born son, he is struggling right now but he is tall, dark and handsome. xoxo geo

Sandy Michelle said...

Wow all of those torsos are so unique and pretty! What a fun swap!


Just call me Silly Sal said...

Loved seeing the one in person. I think it was the first one you did with Jane's technique?

Did you print out Ituppiki's backgrounds? Not sure how you used her backgrounds on the torso.

You are so productive!

Jolee Jane said...

Love them all, especially the dripped ink style.

Neen said...

Your torso's are fabulous and very insiping!

~Nina Reeb~