Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I did last Friday

Friday the 26th was the GRAND OPENING of the Urban Barn aka La Maison Rustique originally in Temecula. They have ventured down our way to open an industrial site with 8,000 square feet for selling, classes and gatherings.

I am excited because not only will they have their once a month barn sale but they will be open weekly for 4 days starting April 1. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday's. Need a VINTAGE Fix.....drive on down.

My pictures just don't do it justice so if you're in the neighborhood, check it out. 155 Crest Street, Escondido, Ca.

Of Course, Malitda's Mouse (Valley Center) was open that same day so Bonnie and myself took off after the Urban Barn opening and did some more shopping.

At the front, on a table was a huge lovely rusty cage with baby chicks. I wish I took better pictures but it was so cute seeing these cute little chickies......I don't get to see baby animals that often. They had heat lamps set up to make sure they were warm and cozy.

Malitda's Mouse is named after her doggie, a wired haired Terrier. She was there lounging on her beautiful bed.

It was a beautiful day and there was lots of beautiful STUFF. I managed to escape without buying anything but Bonnie found a few "treasures" :}

I have more pictures but I have to resize and I'm tired :} After Matilda's Mouse we stopped by an Estate Sale in Valley Center that Bonnie's friend was working at.

Lots of fun stuff and YES, we BOTH bought more STUFF....but that's for another post.

Have a great week.............


Jennifer Priest said...

Wow awesome! I wondered where the Urban Barn was exactly---I am going to Escondido THIS WEEKEND! Know where I'll be making a detour now! WOOHOO! Thanks for all the gorgeous pics too.

Sandy Michelle said...

That gigantic word card beside the dolly on the bed- is way cool! Happy Easter sweetie!

Sandy xox

Jolee Jane said...

Yummy::::thanks for the tour!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Thye moved I never got the th old spot! 8000 feet of ymmuy goodies !!!! OMG