Thursday, April 1, 2010

Junk in My Trunk

This is NOT an April Fool's joke just sounds like it :}

Okay, Okay it's not what you think! In the last post I talked about attending the opening of the Urban Barn and I was thinking.....(eeeek!! I'm thinking again!)

I am addicted to shopping for "junk" and vintage items especially at my local thrift stores. I bring home "things" that I think I could create with but it's more like when can I ever create with EVERYTHING I've brought home?

So, I thought who could be my best customer....vendors!!! They are always on the lookout for things to create with and they are busy selling so they don't have as much time as I do to SHOP. ha ha

Soooooo, before the friday sale I filled my truck trunk full of objects I loved when I purchased but know I should let go of.....hopefully they will find a good home.

Soooooooo when Bonnie and I went to the sale, I just mentioned to a few unique vendors and my friends......come check out the "junk in my trunk". They did and I gave them good deals so they can create and if they want to resell they could still make a profit.

Sooooooo I was able to get some of my money back plus a little extra which I proceeded to spend.

I explained this to my husband but he proceeded to tell me that I was not making any money that way. MEN......I told him I really wasn't doing it to make tons of $$$$'s just a way to support my shopping habit. Ooops maybe that was a bit too much information for he doesn't see all the "junk in my truck" I bring home when I'm out "shopping." tee hee

If you see me in my truck, ask to see my "junk in the trunk" you never know I might have something you want :}

If you have some time, check out our Owls in an Owl Box in San Marcos here locally. They are barn owls Molly the mommy and McGee the Daddy. So far 4 babies. I am addicted to watching and sometimes freaked out by their eating habits but this is nature and that's the way it is. I am learning alot about owls and it's a great reality nature show :}

You can see Molly here.

More next week.

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