Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Love FREE Stuff!!!

I went garage sale shopping last weekend....I bought some "good stuff" I'll show you in another post but along the way there was one house that decided it was time to close up shop and left some STUFF on the driveway saying FREE....Of course I could not pass up a chance at FREE so I took a look and did take a few things that really I did not need but it was FREE :}

One thing was this plastic wreath...I'm sure it was beautiful when they first bought it but I thought "hey a little spray paint and I can reuse it for awhile for fun".

I took off the ribbon and the "grassy" stuff and sprayed it white and then I spent a rainy afternoon modge podging the pears on the wreath with dictionary pages. After that I painted the berries a golden orange color and edged some of the leaves with the same color. I then took a tissue sheet from an old pattern and twisted it into a bow and glued it on.

Ta Da a little spring wreath for the door. I bet at Christmas I could spray the leaves red and use it for the holidays....but by then I am sure I will find more FREE stuff I can re-purpose.

April showers bring May flowers............can't wait.


Rita said...

Hope to see you this weekend? or maybe next? I would like some free stuff too. Ciao Rita

Miriam said...

Very cute! I have a box or two of stuff for you. Ron was cleaning it out and I have to change his mind on some things.

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl! Thanks for welcoming me back! Gosh you are so clever! The wreath turned out awesome and it looks great for all year round! Have a fabulous weekend :)

Sandy xox