Thursday, April 15, 2010

Altering Book at Art Meetup

Second Tuesday of the month and we all gathered at my home to "play". There were 7 of us with two new faces. It's always nice to meet new people and see what they are doing. Welcome Mary Jane and Julie.

Of course, I was having so much fun that I didn't take out my camera until after a few had left and I lost the chance to take pictures of their beautiful work in their books...typical of me. I always have fun hosting art meetup and talking and playing.

Anyway, here's what I took. June did a bunny book of all the bunnies she has had. June is new to altering and I like to try and get her to RiP and iNk and StAin and she resists as she knows what she likes. It came out so nice.......thanks for not listening to me tee hee

Her friend, Julie who she knows through "Ushering". Ushering - volunteer to Usher at plays like at Old Town and Balboa Park and then you get to watch the play for free. Julie is new to the group but I can tell from her book she is no stranger to altering. She already had a cute pocket made in her book and some painting. The pages I saw looked lovely.....thanks for coming Julie!

I was happy to see our friend Jane, bringing everything but her kitchen sink ha ha Jane said she had already started a book quite awhile ago so she felt good about getting it out again and adding to it.

Her pages and touches were I got to get my camera working so you can all see the detail of the art being beautiful.

Have Stuff Will saying for the rest of the month!! Be artful and enjoy!

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