Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't we all love a Surprise?

Today in the mail I got a box from a friend, Rita. I had given her some bottles last weekend because I am trying to downsize but hate to throw anything away :}

Rita solders beautiful bottles and jewelry and even teaches soldering classes. So what a great way to recycle. It is fun to "Pass it on" and see what becomes of little glass bottles and what they can turn into.

Rita sent me one of her beautiful bottles and personalized it for me as a thank you. I really appreciate it and who doesn't love SuRprises :}

If you get a chance, check out her blog as she has a giveaway going for her blog one year anniversary. There is always alot of great info and eye candy on her blog. I like to visit it almost daily.

Grazie Rita


Sandy Michelle said...

That's what I call; good karma! Youa re always so generous! Have a fabulous week Jackie!

Sandy xox

geogems said...

Support you??? I think you are truly amazing and an example to all of us who have too much "stuff".