Thursday, June 3, 2010

KC Willis is Coming to San Diego!!!

Have you heard of KC Willis and her fabric collages?

I found her a couple years ago on-line and fell in love with her coffee-stained, doo dad trimmed vintage fabric collages. I'm on her mailing list and earlier this month I got an email saying she would be in the LA area.

What the heck, I shot off and email to her asking if she would like to come to San Diego and she replied "SURE".

We got the place:

Urban Barn Craft Cafe in Escondido

We got the date:

Wedneday, July 21st

Class: Collage Camp Basic Training
Learn all her techniques on fabric collaging and take away your own little piece of art.

Last minute details are being worked out and it will be open to registration soon on her website. The Lipstick Ranch

If you would like me to let you know when registration is open, leave a comment here and I will let you know the MINUTE it is open :}

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Rita said...

Keep me posted! Ciao Rita mammabellarte