Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lost Money, Lost Memories

Today I was running some errands and accidently left my little zipper coin purse at a shopping stop. I totally overlooked it until I went to make a purchase at my next stop. DARN IT!!

I went back and asked but BUMMER, no one turned it in. Luckily I had taken out everything like credit cards and gift cards that morning. I did have about $70 in cash and some of my MOO cards in there.

SO if, by chance, the person who took it happens to read this .....I hope you buy something nice with the money but I would appreciate getting the wallet back. A friend of mine purchased it for me in Italy and she has since passed away. It does hold memories for me.

It is maddening but oh well I guess I am lucky I didn't loose credit cards and drivers license, etc. Have to think of the good things :}

Happy Holidays!!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

OH BIG BOOO HOOOO I am sooo sorrry it may seem like a small thing but it was not !! I am so sorry Hugs Julie

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh how I HATE losing things....especially something sentimental. I'm so sorry.

I was shopping with my daughter several weeks ago....she lost 250.00..........single mom.....needs money....not a happy ending.

Warm blessings,

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I'm so sorry for you! It's aweful and very sad, that someone took your wallet! Loosing the money is bad but loosing such a sweet memory is even worse.

sandra Lee said...

Oh that makes me sad...I hope this person returns it to you!

Sandy Michelle said...

Your heart must have sank! I sure hope you get your wallet back! They have your business cards so I hope they will be in the true Christmas spirit and return it back to you!