Thursday, November 26, 2009


I've been working on my "studio" as alot of you know. Bonnie has been helping me and it seemed a unfathomable task but with her help and advice it became fun and even inspirational to me.

I am now to the "fun" part of decorating and hanging stuff on the walls so it's kinda like I paid my dues and now I get to enjoy some of the fun.

One thing we did was paint the furniture in the room. It is amazing the transformation a little bit of paint can create.

I decided to reuse the old oak desks we had downstairs but they really looked like ... let's say...... OAK. ha ha I want my look to be shabby shee she. A little what a difference it makes.

I also was lucky enough to find this cute little table with fold down sides. Dark wood but LOTS of potential. Sooooo, a little white paint.....great Transformation I think. I am going to try and add wheels so I can store it in a corner in the studio and then "roll" it out to create.

Now the questions is.......If I throw a layer of paint on me will I be transformed??
One can only hope but I guess that's for my New Year's Resolution. For now, I'll just be happy with furniture transformations..........I'm itching to paint something else :}

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Gloria said...

Happy Thanksgiving to a very creative sweet and funny lady....

Rita said...

It looks great! Hope to see you soon Ciao Rita

Miriam said...

Looks great! Should I send the girls over to distress it some more with their crayons? Shira is really good at that!