Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jamestown Flea Market in Tustin

Well, the day arrived and Bonnie Petersen and Bonnie Miyamoto and I took my little red truck and headed up the road to Tustin. We met in a parking lot at 5:45am and off we went.

The clouds were dark and the weather cool. We got there easily and were directed to our spot by Dianne of Whimzy. We started unloading and setting out our items.

The clouds decided to drizzle a little on us and then come down a little harder. Bonnie P. had packed some plastic sheets (thank you Bonnie) and we covered what we could and stood in a huddle under our umbrellas.

Now the California rain did not deter shoppers who came and peeked under our plastic and even bought from us as it rained.

It finally stopped and we uncovered and went about our business meeting other vendors and nice shoppers. Then a little more rain, a little more plastic.

by 10am the clouds rolled on thru and the sun came out brilliantly. All and all it was a fun and a good day. We met fun people and learned lots of secrets of selling and even booked a date for the May fleamarket cause we are a gluten for punishment....not really we know May will be nicer weather.....won't it???

Here's a few pics I took with my iphone.

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Sandy Michelle said...

Flea Markets is the States are always amazing. I made sure to visit one when I was in Florida.

Sandy xox