Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art and Soul "The Week that Was"

June, my good friend, accompanied me to Art and Soul. While I took classes, she tried out the spa and read poolside. We stayed at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson. This is a beautiful resort and I would go there again in a heartbeat.

On Monday, no classes. We rented a car and hit the thrift stores of Henderson and Vegas but really decided California thrift stores have more "gold" than Nevada. We did go downtown Vegas to see where the Pawn Stars pawn store was. Have you seen this show on tv?

The store is kinda small but TV definitely has put them on the map and lots of people were milling around with cameras. The biggest seller in the store was souvenir tees and cups and pens. If you watch the show CHUMLEY is the big seller there :}

We decided to take a lunch stop and asked "JACK" June's GPS for some restaurant selections and we decided on Mustang Sally's. As we drove there we wondered if it was a out-of-the-way dive because JACK seemed to be taking us to an industrial type area.

We arrived at a Ford dealership and there was Mustang Sally's. A hip 50's type soda shop. The food was good and the decor great. Apparently, the owner of the Ford dealership built the restaurant as a way to give customers a free lunch after buying a car but word is out and people come for good burgers and shakes.

I took a class from Thomas Ashman handcrafting a glass journal from glass and wire. My hands were sore but beautiful product and get techniques. I would always recommend a class with Thomas.

I also took a class with Ty and Marcia Schultz in making molds and pouring hot metal to make beautiful charms. Fun class with great take aways but I fear, too expensive for me to do in "real life".

I also took the Whimiscal Music Dog with Julie Haymaker. Fun class and Julie is just so good at what she does. The class turned out beautiful paper clay doggies and whimiscal music boxes. Great fun!

Whew! that was fun can't wait for another.


Rita said...

I love it all! Next time Jackie , next time I am going with you. I am so glad you had so much fun. See you Sunday. Ciao Rita

lordblessu said...

I took a class with Julie at the Urban Barn..she is such a great teacher and so good at her craft!! Can't wait until she teaches around here again. I wanted to go the Art & Soul but I was at the Vegas Painting convention. bummer