Monday, July 20, 2009

Winners of My Contests

Those that know me, know I am wacky and I proved it today after getting ready to mail off my Magnetic Memo Art Board to Silke who won. I searched and searched and concluded I must have sent this off to "someone" as a present....still can't place who.

I had to write an email to Silke and apologize. "Dear Silke: I am a BAD girl and losing my mind :}"

She was so sweet and told me not to worry. So nice, I am sending off a couple things to her and am going to make a Magnetic Memo Board to send to her cause it just ain't fair.

I promise I'll get it together SOMEDAY.

June, the winner of my Angel Bottle girl received her baby in the UK and was nice enough to send me a link to her blog cause I had asked her to send me a picture of her and the doll. I copied the picture here.

I know she'll enjoy her and I am happy she has a new home in another country.

Jane won the $50 Harry and David Gift Card. Enjoy!

More contests to come and I WILL VERIFY I HAVE the items. tee hee

See ya soon!

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