Friday, June 13, 2008

Let's Review Art Meetups

For those of you that are visiting to see what Art Meetup's are all about, I'm making it easy for you to check the earlier posts. I have had 2 Art Meetups and lot's of inspiration and creativity has taken place.

I hope that you can attend ESPECIALLY in June since I wanted to make it FREE so that everyone can get a chance to experience the fun and creativity.

All you need to do to attend, is email me so I have enough supplies for you. I will repsond with my address and directions. Click here to email.

April Art Meetup - Altering Cabinet Cards

May Art Meetup - Cupcakes and Altering a Bottle

What we will be doing in June for our FREE Art Day Meetup.

Hope to see you there, email me!


hopetreestudio said...

Oh oh I have to mark my calendar!

KayEllen said...

I want to come...but may have to wait to see more dates for the future...

Hard to get away with my kids summer schedules.

Please blog about it!!Can't wait to see what you make with Sealah Tape:)