Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How to burn your fingers without really trying

Bonnie's first masterpiece!

Okay I didn't burn my fingers too badly ha ha Two friends came over yesterday and we did some soldering. Alane of Art Sizzles brought her stash of supplies and gave Bonnie and myself some tips on soldering. I must say I learned quite a few good tips and had fun doing it.

Now this was Bonnie's first time soldering and she was doing good after getting over that feeling of needing 12 hands to hold, solder, smooth, crimp but unfortunately the clamps we were using to hold our projects CrAcKed her pendant and I did the same thing bummer. But each session is a learning exercise right? Still if they hadn't cracked they would have been STUPENDOUS. I was able to "heal" mine by covering the crack on the back with a strip of solder...not too bad.

Alane had taken a class with Chris Cozen of Golden Paints and had worked on some great backgrounds with acrylics. So she used her original as a background for her pendant and labeled it "Picasso".....she now thinks maybe it's more like "Monet". Either way, it is a piece of art! Don't you think?


Sandy said...

You both did a fabulous job on the soldering! What fun!


KayEllen said...

Looks like fun!
Sorry you got burned:(
Pretty pendants made....