Friday, June 6, 2008

Art Meetup for June...Let's Get Creative!

Summer is here and boy are we going to have alot of fun this summer. Starting off in June there is a FREE Art Meetup. Mark your calendars....June 17th, 10am.

I want to fan the fires of creativity so I want you to come and enjoy a few hours of creativity and fun.

We're going to embellish, alter, collage and paint a fan. I know that each student's fan will be a reflection of their selve and hopefully we'll learn a few new techniques along the way.

Here's a pic of my fan I made. As I was making this fan, I started thinking of so many other ways to alter this fan. You know it doesn't have to end up as a could be a horn of plenty, a skirt for a doll, a wall hanging....oh so many things. See the lace along the top? I adhered it with wonderful Sealah No Sew Tape from Jodde's Inc. I ordered some so you can play with it. It adheres quickly and strong....I know you'll think of other things to do with it.

So EMAIL ME to attend. I must know you will attend or there won't be a fan for you :}

I will have everything you need but if you want to bring any scraps or embellishments to share, feel free.

It's going to be FUN....don't miss it!

Read more about Art Meetup by clicking here.

Have a wonderful weekend.


KayEllen said...

Oh look at that! You artsy lady:)
Thanks for the visit and the "PLUG"
for Sealah Tape!!!


Sandy said...

Cool!How nice of you to be hosting a free class. I have never made a fan before and it would sure come to good use in this weather!

Jolee Jane said...

I like the idea of making a skirt for a doll(of course) Cant wait!!