Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Teaching a Class with Rita!!!

Rita and I have been talking about collabrating on something creative. We've come up with a combo class involving fabric collage and soldering of charms.

On April 30th 2011
10am at Jackie's home in Rancho Penaquistos
Cost: $80.00 Lunch Inclued

So maybe you've been wanting to take on of Rita's fabulouso soldering classes but not wanting to trek up to's an opportunity.

After attending a KC Willis Class last year, I was inspired to take what I learned in her class of fabric collage and tweek it to personalize it with my style. Working with cloth is just another texture that inspires creativity.

I have done a couple fabric collage classes and I can't tell you how rewarding it is to see each person's memories come to life or see their artistic flair take over layering of random pieces of fabric and lace and jewels. You'll be adding soldering pieces will complete a beautiful piece of art.

Get more information and to register, go to Rita's class blog here.

Hope we can create together.

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geogems said...

what a great combo!!! YOU GUYS ROCK---and solder too. Your price is right---here's hoping for you...wishing you all good things...