Monday, January 17, 2011

Fabric Creativity

I recenlty held a class at the Cornerstore in El Cajon. Do you know it? A cute little shabby chic store with lots of vintage furniture and cute decorator type embellishments. Check it out sometime. Anyway......I taught a class in Fabric Collage and had a wonderful class of 5 students who each created a unique and fab piece.

I teaming up with the charming, talented and creative Rita of Mammabellarte and Chateau de Fleurs,fun soldering classes, etc. etc. We'll be doing a class combo you're going to love on April 30th....more on that soon.

I also want to give the "Graphics Fairy" credit for the graphics I love to use. I always check out her site for graphics and inspiration.

Check out the blogs I mentioned and then get creative. See ya tomorrow :}

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