Sunday, January 16, 2011

7 Days of Bloggging or How I got my Blog Back

Well it's been awhile since I blogged and to tell you the truth I had thought about just NEVER blogging again but I always seem to run into beautiful art or great sales or just want to share a special day. So I decided I need to "get my Blog on".

To that end, I've decided to blog for 7 days in a row and what better day to start than a Sunday.

Today I think I'll just do some "random blogging" but I am in the mist of redecorating my downstairs and will have lots to share so check back in.

Last year, my friend Sandy of Sandy's Creations had an egg carton swap, here's what I put together. It was fun organizing and finding treasures to share and of course, fun to get an egg carton from someone else. I'll take pictures of what I got one of these days. I have an egg carton almost empty...anyone want to swap?

I'm off to play with old music sheets I found while going thru my things. Attempting another wreath like the one below I made last year. Happy Sunday!

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Rita said...

So glad you are back Jackie! Let's get the creativity flow. Ciao Rita