Saturday, May 2, 2009

What's a Dolly Dingle?

It was a fun weekend of creativity and shopping. I metup Friday with Bet and Sally at the Scrapbook Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. First thing I did was sit down at a Cricut demostration and I actually learned something and, yes I did buy stuff there.

It was fun checking out the new scrapbook papers and tools but I tried not buy but still love to window shop. Bet and I did a make n'take at Tattered Angels using Glimmer Mists. Most of the booths were charging $4 and $5 for a make and take but this booth's make n'take was FREE and fun.

We made a little page and had fun spraying the table and Bet even sprayed her face! I didn't buy any but you know what? I think I have a couple bottles around here somewhere. I think I'll dig them out and play with them :}

Later in the afternoon we decided to check out the craft show next door. It was pretty quiet in there and more country cutesy (I call it that). Still some great handmade items to check out and BUY.

We happened upon a pile of jewelry and Bet and Sally started digging. I really have plenty of that too. HEY! I think I have too much stuff!! So I went on over to the booth next door. She was an antique dealer with mostly paper empherma. I happened upon these cute paper doll sheets by Grace Drayton....this little dolly is called Dolly Dingles.

Well I kinda "yelped" and showed Bet what I found and Zoommmm she was there. Sally was intent on her "bling" search as we continued ours. All in all, we all ended up with treasures. Such fun. Here's some pics of the paper dolls I have.

Researching Dolly Dingle on the internet I found a wonderful site that told me all about Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls and her creator. If you have some time, you really should check it out. There is information on how Dolly Dingle came about and information about the creator. It even tells you how to draw a Dolly Dingle! Also, there is all types of information about different dolls, very interesting.

Check it out, I think I could spend a good part of a day reading from this site.

Anyone want to play paper dolls? I Do! If you would like a full size copy of these dolly dingles, just leave a comment and ask for a copy and I will email a full size of each to you so you can PLAY DOLLIES Too!!


Bet's Crayons said...
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Bet's Crayons said...


So posted the Dingle Dollies! It was such a fun day and I really enjoyed it. Love your blog about our day of making, looking, buying, and just plain having a good time! I love paper dollies and can't wait to make some in June at Art Meet Up.

See you on May 12 for the next "Meet Up", making the Medicine Bottles...looking forward to it.

Sandy Michelle said...

What a fun day you had and how lucky that you could share it with some friends. I never knew about the dolly dingles. Those chubby paper dolls are sooo cute!

Just call me Silly Sal said...

The Craft Fair next door to Expo was great. You and Bets made a killing with those dolls. Good for you. I love the bling I got and the deal I got on my one Dingle Dolly.

Hope to see you guys on Tuesday depending on Kari. If I don't I'll have to take Bets out for lunch another day like I did last year! That's her birthday photo on her blog from last year.

Dolly Lover said...

Ohhh I just found out about Dolly Dingle and I seriously fell in love with her! If you'd be so kind to send me a page-size version, I'd be ever so grateful!

My emailaddress:

Thank you so much!


Amy said...

ooo, I'd love some paper dolls..thanks..
email is
mommy_of4@charter. net

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Would love a copy of the Paper Dolls. Please send to

Anonymous said...

Would love some paper dolls Please send to

Anonymous said...


I love your blog and the sweet Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls which you posted images of. I'd also love to take you up on your kind offer to email full size copies of them. They can be sent to crafty_tweetie (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks so much and Happy Crafting!

Anonymous said...

THank you do much for sharing, i love paper dolls and yes! i would like to have some of those paper dolls to play with my granddaughter. Thanks for all the information about the dolls. I really enjoyed it. my e-mail adress is

Anonymous said...

could you PLEASE send me the download for the dolly dingle paperdolls--I want them for my kiddos..thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just stumbled accross your site...and oh yes I would love to have a copy of the paper grand-daughter will be so excited. Thank you.

Please send

Anonymous said...

I hope I am not too late to get a copy of the Dolly Dingle paper dolls. My sister will be uber excited to add them to her Dolly Dingle paper doll collection.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Since I had asthma as a child, my favorite pastime was playing with paper dolls until I left them on the floor and went out to play, my mother burned them in the furnace. I still feel their loss. I am almost 84 years old now.

My grand neice is getting married and she always looked like a Campbell Kid or Dolly Dingle so I'm going to draw her a Dolly Dingle from the directions you mentioned.

Please send me the copies of the Dolly Dingle paperdoll sets you found. Thanks so much. Nancy Ross

Anonymous said...

Woops, I forgot to give you my e-mail. The short term memory is gone!

Thanks again, Nancy Ross

Georgeanne said...

If your offer is still available, I would love to recive a copy of the Dolly Dingle dolls. My email is geomits-at-yahoo-dot-com.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hola, si todavia esta disponible su oferta, me encantaria recibir las dolly dingle por correo electronico
Mi correo es
Muchas gracias por su cortesia y por compartir estos tesoros.

Tricia said...

Just discovered your blog. Please send me copies of your full size Dolly Dingle paper dolls. So cute!! Thank you

Alicia Bunting said...

I would love to have a copy of one of your dollie dingles. I just came across one today of her and her vegetable garden. I'm decorating my daughters nursery "vintage chic" and would like to frame a few of these for her room. My email address is

Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of Dolly Dingle paper dolls please. My daughter has never quite forgiven me for losing a set she had been given by her grandmother. Thanks so much.

Yantie Thay said...

can i have some copy of Dolly Dinger paper dolls please, kindly send to my email : many thank

Anonymous said...

I just found the page for the Dolly Dingle and you said we can email you for a full size doll to email me, l just love them

Anonymous said...

just love the dolly dongles, please could you email me the doll full size cutouts to

thank you