Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flowers for my Friends

Another wonderful weekend. Flowers are like my friends..... bright and inspirational. I am so lucky (maybe smart ;) to have surrounded myself with good friends that are creative and supportive.

Thursday I enjoyed a day of instruction and painting at Jane's. We always have to take a tour of Jane's place to see any new purchases and new art she has created. There is always something new to make us happy. Then she proceeded to show us a few great tips on creating collages and adding a figure to it. Let's just say maybe it's not my "thing" but it was fun and I did learn some tips that I can use in my art. Check out her blog to see what she made that day!

Friday I went to Whole Foods and got lunch and picked up my friend of many, many years, June. She is retiring from UCSD this month and has been planning her retirement party for a year now :} I am helping her and we wanted one last meeting to check out the location and last minute things to do. I can hardly wait until she is free to "play" on weekdays.

Saturday I went to class at Pink Pineapple. The class was led by Melanie and we made these adorable flowers. So creative and fun.

Flowers like friends are sweet, bright and ALWAYS make me happy.

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Melanie said...

Yaaaaay! Can I be a hydrangea? ;)