Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Gloria

Make a Birthday Wish and Blow!!!!

Gloria celebrated her birthday last week and her friends gave her a surprise party Saturday, May 24th at "Cupcake Love". A new little cupcake store that is doing a booming business. The cupcakes are yummmmmmie :}

Maryam and Melanie planned the party. Leave it to Maryam, to bring tables and chairs and have little party favors. Everything was PERFECT and I am pretty sure Gloria was touched to have all her friends and family come to celebrate.

I know I had a fun. You just can't help being happy and inspired when a great group of women get together.


Now Gloria got many wonderful gifts......creative and beautiful. Since this is my blog I'll just write about mine. ha ha

Gloria has been asking for awhile now for me to make her a doll like the ones Claudine Hellmuth makes "Sitting Pretties". I made one 2 years ago for Bonnie, another great friend. Since then when I would see Gloria, she would say "don't forget you're going to make me one of those dolls!"

I really felt guilty that I never did make one for her. So her birthday was the PERFECT opportunity to FINALLY give the girl what she wants. ha ha

I had a little inspiration while doing my daily "stroll" thru the world of blogs. I visited Kay Ellen's blog, which I do from time to time to see her great decorating tips and eye candy. By the way, she is featured in Artful Blogging's Summer issue...way too go Kay Ellen!

In her blog I had came across this full size wooden chair she had put tulle and lace around the seat. BOOM! It hit me I want to do this for Gloria's present. Decorate a little chair for her "sitting pretty" to be posed on. I guess that's why we post so many pictures, because you never know where inspiration will come from.

Anyway, here is Gloria "Sitting Pretty" in the background are her three children. A few people at the party want to make one so I guess this will be the August Art Meetup. From one inspiration many more will grow.

Let the good times ROLL!!!

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Melanie said...

So cute!! I love the chair!!