Thursday, November 6, 2008

Part 3 - Parisan Soiree - Creativity and Celebs!

I divided my post on the Parisan Soiree into 3 parts because of all the pictures and activities. I suggest you go back down to Part 1 and read UP. Sorry I guess I could have posted in reverse but I didn't think of that when I started ha ha

Part 3 is the Creativity of the Soiree. Heather had complete packages for each of the attendees to create a Lavish Bon Bon and Bijoux Ribbon Ornament. Such fun! The Bon Bons are packages of hard candy that you ball up in tissue, wrap with more tissue and twist at the ends but add clear plastic to make it even more elegant. Then add ribbons and a seal.

Now I was amazed and happy just with twisting the tissue paper so I was (should I say) Super amazed at the lavishness of adding clear plastic and ribbons and seals. Should have know more touches of beauty because Heather had us doing it. ha ha

Then we made the "Bijoux Ribbon Ornaments". This is a ribbon made to hang on a present to make it personal and thoughtful. This is where we used the vintage pin. Now Heather made it seem pretty easy but I am all thumbs when it comes to working with ribbons. Even so, I was pretty happy when I finished. Again, Heather provided everything, even finishing touches like a gem for the unjeweled side of the bow. Wonderful decoration. I will use this in the future to Wow my friends and family, lets hope :}

Celebs, okay maybe it wasn't Martha Stewart or Oprah but I think of them as Celebs. Jenny Doh and Staci Dumoski from Stampington. They shared some insight in the magazine Artful Blogging. How to submit items for publication and the ins and outs of getting a magazine out. FYI April 2009 they will have a new magazine coming out MARIE based on Marie Antionette art which is so popular. Can't wait for my copy!

Oh and did I mention there were DOOR PRIZES? I won this wonderful paper doll so cute and artsy.

One of the fun "activities" was Heather sharing some of her vintage and unique gift wrapping ideas. Wow a party and I learned something! I was so inspired and can hardly wait to wrap some gifts. She used vintage paper, buttons, wall paper, maps and more. I LOVED this!

It was getting dark and we hated to leave but all good things must end (for awhile). So on the way out I tried to capture a few pics of the Mission Inn. Have you been there? I never have and know I must return to take in it's beauty. There were 3 weddings that day at this Mission.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed the pictures. We had fun!


Lorrie said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had by all.


Jolee Jane said...

That was the best time!
Love your tour of the festivities;)