Thursday, November 6, 2008

Part 1 - November 2nd - Mrs. Twiggy Winkles

On Sunday, November 2, 2008 my friend Bonnie and myself took a drive to Riverside to attend a Parisan Soiree hosted by Heather Bullard of The Present Past website.

We had a FaBUloUs time but as I downloaded my pictures, I knew I needed to divide my day into 3 posts because they were just so much fun and eye candy to share.

Part 1 - Mrs. Twiggy Winkles

We took the drive to Riverside and made a short stop at Best Buy along the way because my SD card for my camera stopped working and I knew I would "need" to take pictures. Bonnie found a cute little camera wallet for her new camera.....the shopping has begun. ha ha

We arrived in Riverside and had a couple hours before the Soiree was to start. I had heard about this store Mrs. Twiggy Winkles from Heather's blog last year and was dying to see it. It is sooo cute and sooo much to see. We both said we needed another trip to Riverside to check out this store, the Mission Inn and other shopping.

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Gloria said...

great story...glad you had fun..LOL Gloria