Thursday, November 6, 2008

Part 2 - The Parisan Soiree Ooo La LA

Heather pulled out all the stops and had an elegant gathering. The room had a great feeling of elegance and holiday spirit.

There were 6 vendors with jewelry, vintage, decor items, tea and scones and more. Each table had a center piece with BIG wrapped holiday packages and at each place setting there was a cellophane package containing some creativity to come later in the party. Each package had a vintage jeweled lapel pin. Of course, we had to decide which jeweled pin we wanted and lots of swapping was going on to get just the right color pin we would love. Actually I ended up with the original one at my place setting but it was fun looking at them all. More about what we did with them later.

There was a chocolate fountain with yummy dipping items like strawberries, prezels, marshmellows, cookies. Then there was Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream bars, brownies, cookies, waters, sodas, coffee, tea.........can you say SUGAR HIGH? :}

The vendors had wonderful and fun items for sale. There was Jane from Art Takes A Village, a non-profit to bring art therapy to women's shelters. Jane creates from the heart and with an elegant and vintage style.

Kay Ellen and her Mother were there with there WONDERFUL no-sew adhesive tape that holds almost AnYtHINg. I love this stuff for using in my altered art projects but when I start decorating my new studio, I'm going to put it to the test with fabrics and anything I want to attach to the wall.......

Of course, Heather's booth was there and it was so fun to see some of her wares in person. She does find some of the most wonderful items.

There was some oh so creative jewelry by Beth Quinn, Mixed Media Artist. Bonnie got a necklace and bracelet and Jane got a bracelet. Check out her unique cloth bracelets, they are soooo cute and original. Check out the cute little dress form with pattern paper to dress her....sooo cute.

Another great and generous vendor, Orange Blossom Tea House. A little tea and scones and china make a great day for us all. They generously donated a yummy scone in a little take away package for each attendee. They are yummy. I had a picture of their table but it didn't turn out darn.

There was Mary Violasse, who is a store owner in the Riverside area. She had GREAT vintage items. Collectible books, jewels, christmas ornaments, etc. Lots a great finds. I WANT to go to HER store TOO!!!!

Well on to my last post about the day.........see there are tons of pictures and so much to share.


Sandy Michelle said...

That soiree was put together so beautifully! I just loved viewing all the eye candy!


Sandra Lee said...

Great pictures Jackie, I am so glad you had such a great time! I am sorry I missed it. I have been busy closing, yes I said closing my has been a very emotional two days but everything and I mean everything is gone!!!! Hope to catch up with you soon, I am so excited to go to the Barn Sale on Saturday.YIPPEE, maybe I will see you there and if not...lets be creative!!!!