Monday, May 30, 2011


Today, more than ever, is a day to remember. A year ago, my life was so different from today. I sometimes try to remember what I was doing and what Frank, my husband, said to me .. If we laughed or hugged.

Frank was a proud American and so this day not only reminds me of those still fighting to protect our freedom but of him also.

Remember to kiss and tell those you love How special they are to you as life changes oh so quickly.

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Just call me Silly Sal said...

Thanks for the reminder. The day was almost over when Ernie asked me if I had called my son and daughter-in-law to wish them a Happy Memorial Day. I had not given it a thought and Erik flew an Apache Helicopter in the 2002 Iraqi invasion (Shannon flew a blackhawk). Just because they are safe, I need to remember all those who didn't come home or came home but their lives aren't back to normal yet. My kids were so lucky. Bless you and bless your memories of Frank.