Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Art Meetup ATC's Anyone?

The creative ladies came over today to play and I decided we would just make something from nothing. Lemonade from Lemons I called it. I gave each lady a little envelope with some pieces of "this and that" and said "go to it" and create....and create they DID!

They never seem to disappoint.

Their inspiration.........

Sally made this cutey.

Debi made this one, bullseye, embrace PEACE NOW :}

June got vampy on us!

Matina sweet and special.

Margo made Lemonade from Lemons....some religious people came to the door passing out pamphlets and she took the pamphlet and used the print to make her card... Will Humans Ruin This Earth?

Lynn made a couple styles...VavaVoom :}

Kat worked on her project from another art meetup. I think it turned beautiful.

Geo....Georgia made her own creation and helped make the lemonade (and yes, Sally I know you helped too! :)

No I didn't make anything yet! but soon ha I do love watching and seeing what everyone creates....A M A Z I N G!


Kat Baker said...

Thanks Jacks...it was lots of fun...as always.

Rita said...

AH! Great work Jackie. It's better then getting a pedicure. Really loved the recycled religious art piece. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

geogems said...

who's that little "fat girl" playing with lemons??? Actually---the drink was great---especially with the tequila,Sally brought!
Once again, your generous spirit touched all of us and we all left your house---smiling! Thanks Jackie!!!!